10 Most Terrifying Horror Movie Characters of All Time


Halloween is fast approaching so it’s that time of the year to sit back and watch your favorite horror movies. Ever since Dracula, Frankenstein and the “classic” Mummy, movie characters have given us nightmares as well as some laughs. Today, Jason, Freddy and Chucky are more than just leads in slasher and gore movies; they are pop culture reference points.

We have narrowed down the list of characters to ten based on a few rules. First, the chill factor – is the character capable of giving nightmares? Second, the back story – very important in a horror film, there needs to be a reason this maniac is on the streets wielding a chainsaw or terrorizing children. Finally, every horror movie villain has an X-factor, maybe humor (see: Teen Wolf – just kidding, definitely not Teen Wolf) or maybe why he kills (moral, revenge, etc…); it’s what makes them unique. (Seriously though, not Teen Wolf.)

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