NFL Futures Pick: 2015 Super Bowl Lines

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There are a lot of reasons to bet the NFL, but betting futures is most fun. Did you know you can already bet on next year’s Super Bowl line and over/under? This type of bet is why betting is one of the greatest forms of entertainment.


(AFC +130 / NFC -145)

Today you have to bet $14 to win $10 if you think the NFC is going to win the Super Bowl and only $10 to win $13 if you pick the AFC today. This is a classic value bet that is skewed due to last year’s blowout. Let’s look at some history around the big game.

In the last ten Super Bowls, the AFC and NFC have split 5-5. Winners for NFC Seattle, New York Giants (twice), Green Bay and New Orleans and for the AFC Baltimore, Pittsburgh (twice), Indianapolis and New England.

Six of ten have been decided by 4 points or less, in other words, close games. Prior to the season this game should be a “pick” line, but again has been skewed by last year’s match. This is a good time to jump on the 50/50 rule where one side is giving a higher value and paying 30% over your initial bet. NOTE: Most books are showing over 90 percent feel the same way so lock this one in early.

BET $1000 to win $1300


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