Day Drinking


This week’s videos give us a classic bar scene and the possible return of the movie Cobra.

Cinderella guitarist Jeff LaBarr has released a video for the song “No Strings” which will appear on his new solo album ‘One For The Road.’ The video begins with a bar scene during the day with LaBarr sitting at the bar. LaBarr is smoking so much I feel like I’m watching an episode of Mad Men. A girl is in the background (because blondes ALWAYS hang out alone at bars during the day). They hit it off (based on love of day drinking alone) and then we fast forward to a pool table setting where LaBarr is putting the “let me show you how to shoot that shot” move and is rejected. Next: FIGHT and the middle finger – she is really pissed! “You bastard, how dare you tell me how to shoot a bank shot!” Not sure how far into the future we jump, but now a ring is dramatically tossed onto the pool table followed by a pool hall guitar solo to clear his head. He moves on quickly, hitting on the bartender in minutes. They leave to find another bar – there is still plenty of day drinking to be had…

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