Home Sweet Home


New videos from Tigertailz, Accept and country artist Justin Moore (featuring Motley Crue); welcome to the country ramblings.

Tigertailz have released a video for their new single, “Punched In The Gutz.” I like the animated boxing, but would have preferred some Mike Tyson Punch-out footage. BTW where is Glass Joe these days? Anyway we know when the video REALLY starts because the word LIAR! is forced upon us. Throughout the video more words and phrases appear. The video is very high on cheese factor and really just-good-and-not-so-clean fun for the whole family…

The new video by Accept is for “Stampede” and it takes place on top of a mountain, signifying OUR SOUND IS SO BIG! I love the “mountain” video set; it’s second only to the “inside a prison” video set because IT’S SO DANGEROUS! Regardless of whether you prefer mountains, beach or a stage you have to admire a band that still supports wearing old school wristbands…

Finally, country music star, Justin Moore has covered Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” and made a video for it, complete with cameos from the band and snippets from original MTV videos. There are no big surprises here. Lots of Vince Neil singing backup and then joining Moore on stage; you can see Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee in the back of the club looking at each other and nodding. If you look closely you will understand this was the definitive time they decided they have to disband Motley Crue…

Check out the videos and more at MetalUnderground.com



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