2014 NFL Futures Receiving: Odds and Free Picks


Receiving yards as a futures bet is difficult because of many variables such as the team, quarterback and drug suspensions. Last year is a good start, but you also need to find value. In my opinion there is rarely one “favorite” to win so picking a receiver with 5-1 or less odds isn’t getting the value you deserve for your pick. Let’s take a look at this year’s odds for receiving yards and bet $100 across a few “value” bets to maximize winnings and most importantly, fun.



Just kidding, right now Gordon is off the board due to a pending drug suspension. He was last year’s leader so I’m sure someone will try to place a bet on him. This is the same person that will select Bret Favre in their fantasy draft just in case he decides to play again.

BET $0


Who doesn’t love Megatron? Last year he finished second and is the current favorite. All it takes is a couple missed games and this “safe” pick becomes silly. No value.

BET $0


If you are a Peyton Manning believer I don’t blame you for putting down a few bucks on Thomas. Personally, I don’t think he’s got another MVP season and that’s what Thomas would need in order to get first place receiving yardage.

BET $0


Do you root for The Joker when you watch Batman? Despite the “favorite” odds this is your guy.

BET $0

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