2014 NFL Futures Division Winners: Odds and Free Picks


There is a lot of fun to be had and money to be made when talking NFL futures. Keep a clear head and don’t be swayed by popular opinion – go with your gut and let the facts work in your favor. Also, look for value; it rarely pays to pick the favorite unless you are almost positive it is going to pay out. Here’s a look at the Division futures for the 2014 NFL season.


Favorite: New England Patriots (5-13)

Each year the Patriots get a little worse and this could be the year they fall from grace. Also, if Tom Brady goes down for a handful of games their season is over.

Pick: Miami Dolphins (6-1)

For value Miami is probably the best pick here unless you think the New York Jets or Buffalo Bills have successfully reloaded. Just kidding, please don’t bet on the Bills.


Favorite: Denver Broncos (1-3)

Last year’s darlings are the favorites again, but did you know there is a popular prop bet in Vegas related to whether or not Peyton Manning plays this year? Also, 1-3 isn’t good value, not with a couple of solid teams looking to turn the corner.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs (13-2)

You can also take San Diego Chargers (also at 13-2), both are solid defensive teams that showed promise in 2013 and offer good value at 13-2 odds.

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