10 Reasons We Need Axl Rose Now More than Ever

Axl Rose has never really left, but his presence has diminished since the nineties. Even during the build up of 40 years (it felt like that long) for ‘Chinese Democracy’ Rose kept himself in the news by firing ex-members, getting into fights (mostly legal) and of course, pushing out release dates. Recently though he has fallen further into the shadows. However now his new version of Guns N’ Roses has a 3D movie out titled ‘Appetite For Democracy.’ Check it out and remember the reasons we liked having Axl Rose in our lives. Here are ten other reasons we need Axl Rose.

The above is an incredible video of a slightly crazed Nicholas Cage–ok, totally crazed–presenting the Golden God Lifetime Achievement award. Cage call Axl a true hero, an inspirational force. This is some good entertainment. I mean the dude could sing and created some legendary music — but a true hero? Ok, yes, he’s a true hero.

10. We Adore Train Wrecks

At the Guns N’ Roses height of fame (mid nineties) Axl was to say the least, unstable. Mental instability included rumors of a traveling psychiatrist that had to coax Rose onto the stage each night. Another fun (maybe not fun) fact is that Rose had alleged panic attacks while writing the lyrics to “Coma.”

9. Riots

How many people go to a One Republic concert asking the question “Do you think there will be a riot tonight?”

8. More Rock Music Please

When Guns N’ Roses ruled the world their music was equal to a shot heroin to the groin (in a good way). Now, there’s Nickelback, making you want to punch yourself in the groin (not good).

7. Chinese Democracy Sequel

As long as Rose is alive rumors of more music will swirl.


Axl pulled some serious models, like Stephanie Seymour, back in the day. I’m sure he still does.

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