White Jeans and Leather


This week the return of Tesla, Black Tora giving life lessons and Sebastian Bach continuing to do Sebastian Bach type things.

Tesla have released a video for their new single “So Divine”, from their recent studio album ‘Simplicity.’ Depending on the light I go back-and-forth between “man, these guys didn’t really age” and “holy shit, were they FIFTY when they did ‘Signs?’” The video is rather depressing and would be a total downer if it wasn’t for the tight white jeans…

From the “In case you missed it” files: Sebastian Bach appeared as a contestant for ABC’s show ‘Sing Your Face Off’ and this happened…

Black Tora have released a video for their song “Born To Play Loud.” The video is an homage to their live show, but lessons or “rules” can also be learned related to life on the road.
Rule #1 Always. Wear. Leather.
Rule #2 Always be prepared to look cool on an escalator.
Rule #3 If in Times Square, you must shoot footage for your next video.
Rule #4 If in Times Square, stay away from the Elmo that smells like Doritos and is yelling racial slurs.
Rule #5 When in Philly, you must do the “Rocky Climb” at the Museum of Modern Art.

Check out the videos and more at MetalUnderground.com


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