Top 10 Louie CK “Bang Bang” Dinner Combos


In the Louie episode “So Did the Fat Lady” we were introduced to the “bang bang”, where you go have a whole meal at one place then go right to another place and have another one. What combo did they choose and what are some other tempting possibilities? The first rule of a “bang bang” is to not make plans the next day, the second rule of a “bang bang” is to not make plans the next day.

10. Mexican/Italian
Gluttony at it’s finest. I suggest starting with steak enchiladas plus rice/beans and then following up with chicken parmesan on a bed of pasta. WARNING: Be very careful if you plan to consume several margaritas with several bottles of red wine – the human stomach is just not equipped for such a thing.

9. Pizza / Pizza


In New York there is still a lot to discuss. Do you go cheap slices or gourmet pies? Uptown or downtown? Toppings or plain? Regardless of the decision, there are plenty of options.8. Indian / Diner

This was the now infamous decision Louie (and Robert Kelly) went with. They did it right, lots of bread curry and then a full diner menu to choose from. Just don’t brag about it the waitress. That’s the third rule.


7. Burger / Burger

You start with a Burger Heaven (In N’ Out for West Coast) cheeseburger and fries and then end up at a gourmet burger place named BURGR’ or something like that where you will order the exact same thing







Read the full list and more at Crispy TV here!


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