Plot Twist


I love low budget and videos shot in gentlemen clubs. There is also nothing quite like a good plot twist when you are not ready for it. This week we have one and it did not leave me feeling good.

Swedish female rockers Crucified Barbara have released the first video from their fourth studio album ‘In the Red.’ The band says this video titled “To Kill A Man” is about the impotence and rage when they hear about men who abuse and rape women. Okay, so it’s a good message to get angry about this, but holy shit! I am worried some day I will cut off one of these ladies on the highway and they will hunt me down and then it’s all tire iron this and tire iron that…

Down ‘N’ Outz, the project fronted by Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott, have premiered their new video “Rock And Roll Queen.” We start off black and white and then the hot girl in high heels and exposed midriff shows up. Lots of leg shots as the groupie shows why she is king – she is cooler than the other girls and has the confidence to know she’ll be banging the band tonight. Question: How many videos has Joe Elliot used the “groupie” angle? A thousand? God bless him. Eventually she is very unimpressed with the other girls and leaves, presumably to go bang the band. PLOT TWIST! It’s a dude! (Pulls pants up quickly.) Follow-up question: Does he still bang the band?

Torpedohead have unleashed their new music video for the promo track “Shanghide.” At first I thought I was watching an intro to German Sopranos, but no, not even close…

German rockers, AC Angry have released “Hellrock Anthem.” This video is insane, mixing the desk jockey/nerd and hot “devil” girls and a fire/hell backdrop. The girls invade the geek’s life, bringing him to hell where there is fire, oral shots and grinding on a bed. (Wait till the end to make sure the girls’ are not dudes.) Okay, the video ends (not dudes) as either a day dream or a message that says if you fuck multiple tattooed “devil” girls while surrounded by fire you are going to hell. This one is really up to your interpretation I guess…

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