10 Ways To Pick Up Women Like Hank Moody


As Californication enters the home stretch of its final season we are once again privy to Hank Moody’s indelible charms and how this translates to the ladies. Hank now has a son (Levon) to pass on his knowledge to. So how does he do it? Here are ten ways…


10. Always Available

Baby Mommas aside, Moody is always available. Bar bathroom? Apartment of significant other? Back seat of Porsche? He’s there and he’s ready: Check, Check and Check.



9. ABC Always Be Closing

It works in real estate and it works the world of casual sex. Hank Moody’s job is booze and sex and business be crackin’!


8. One word: Alcohol. It lowers inhibitions and Hank has no inhibitions anyways…

Read the full list and more at Crispy TV here!


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