Gotham Sleaze: Sweet Cyanide


Regardless of how mainstream or how high your songs chart, New York City rock is always somewhat underground. Quite simply, New York City is a tough nut to crack. Sweet Cyanide is a great example of a band that has been cracking nuts for years as well as making great hard rock tunes.

The group started in 2008 with Sal Scoca (vocals, guitar) and Angelo Fariello (guitar). Del Cheetah (bass) and J Bomb (drums), both from Sex Slaves, completed the lineup. In 2009 Sweet Cyanide released their self-titled debut and in 2010 a follow-up titled Sweet Cyanide II. In 2012 the band put out their third album, Sweet Cyanide III. For their third record, they also released a single and video for the song “In My World.”

The video features the band playing live at Arlene’s Grocery and other venues along with gratuitous panty shots. I learned two things from watching this video. First, the band prefers the red cup versus its evil cousin, yellow cup, and secondly, they like their girls in black. Black leather. Tight. Black. Leather. In addition to “In My World” the band also made a video for “Bad Jesus”, a video that may have been made solely to have half-naked girls in sexy lingerie (wait, is that a red latex dress?) dance around. The song itself has a killer hook and the “hardest part is saying no” definitely is relatable if you are in a band and in this video. The song gets more and more aggressive, both in sound and visuals. The video pretty much ends in a rock and roll orgy. A must listen (and see)!

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