Ten Reasons It Sucks To Be Hank Moody’s Son

by Crispy TV Contributor, David Grant

The seventh and final season of Californication is underway and it didn’t take long for our first shocking discovery: Hank Moody has a son. Not only does he have a son, but he’s grown up and wants to understand how many women there have been before and after his mom. Some numbers are better left unsaid kid.

hank-moody-son-showing-him-the-ropesHank’s son is quite a bit like him, although there are serious differences.  Case in point, he wants to get laid.  Really really bad.  But he doesn’t have Hank’s natural charm with the ladies.  This is a clear area where there the two can bond.

Anyway, I was hoping this season would present a new child of Hank Moody each episode, but it looks like it’s just the one (plus his daughter of course). What would it be like to be Hank Moody’s son? There would be perks, like getting a job on a TV show and handing around beautiful LA women, but it would also sort of suck.

Ten Reasons It Sucks to Be Hank Moody’s Son

hank moody classless

Does this guy look like “father” material?

10. Back to school shopping never changes – black tees, jeans and a new leather cuff bracelet

9. Never any alcohol left in the house to steal, just empty bottles

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