Top Ten Louis CK Poker Table Discussions You Won’t Ever See


By David Grant, Crispy TV Contributor

Louie CK, widely viewed as the best standup comic on the planet, has returned for a fourth season to critical acclaim and many more laughs. In addition to his dark comedy situations, the poker game has also returned. In the first episode Louie, along with fellow comedians (Jim Norton, Sarah Silverman, Nick DiPaolo and more) address the topic of men masturbating with a vibrator. Norton was the expert on the subject and others used this to question his sexuality. Louie was quite intrigued (leading to vibrator shopping the next day). This is the type of topic that passes for normal amongst this group. So, what would be considered taboo for this circle of friends?

Top Ten Discussions/Situations Never To Be Had At the Louie CK Poker Table

10. Explain what cute thing (insert child’s name here) did today.  They don’t want to hear anything about children (even though Louis is a loving father).  Louis might even call your daughter an a-hole.  He did that to his own daughter–for our benefit in his standup special of course.  And only when she was 6 month old.  He was kidding folks!  Kind of!

Louis-CK-poker-sarah-silverman9. Discuss the benefits of a low carbohydrate diet.  These guys are slobs.

8. Specifically ask Jim Norton deviant sex questions (Mr. Norton is too open on this topic already, someone may actually get sick and puke into the pot and that is not good for the game).

7. Someone breaks out a joint and the Louie CK poker game turns into That 70’s Show roundtable (with much older participants).  Note: Sarah Silverman would have to play Ashton Kutcher.

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