Sunday Old School: Methods of Mayhem


With the final Motley Crue tour underway what is next for the band members? For drummer, Tommy Lee, some of his time may be spent with his band, Methods of Mayhem, a unique formation in terms of both structure and sound. The band has had two rounds, will Lee and Co. try a third one?

Methods of Mayhem were formed by Lee and their self-titled album was released in 1999. The original band was made up of Lee, TiLo, Stephen Perkins, Chris Chaney, Kai Marcus, Kevin “Doc” Sullivan and Mix Master Mike. The debut featured Fred Durst, Crystal Method, U-God, Kid Rock, Snoop Dogg and Lil’ Kim. The album, fueled with songs of hate and sex, went platinum and received kudos from Entertainment Weekly, Alternative Press and Vibe. A video was made for “Get Naked” and the song “Crash” would be featured in the video game Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec and the movie trailer for Driven. Just over one year after the album was released the band disbanded.

The video for “Get Naked” has Lee, naked on his bed (except for a hat he is wearing) watching his own adult movie. The movie he made with Pamela Anderson. Strange, yes, and then more strange when Fred Durst appears for the chorus, (sigh), looking very Durst-like. The good news is that Lil’ Kim follows. She doesn’t wear many clothes, likes to rap and rides a cock (rooster). This video captured the unconventional methods and process from the first album: some good, some not so good, and Fred Durst.

In 2009 Lee reformed Methods of Mayhem with himself, John “J3” Allen III, DJ Aero, Marty O’Brien and Morgan Rose. The band released ‘A Public Disservice Announcement’ in 2010. In addition to the rap metal style on the debut album, genres such as rap rock, nu metal and dance rock were included. The album was composed of parts submitted by fans from around the world. The band and producer, Scott Humphrey, listened to the recordings (over 10,000) and chose the best for the album. In addition to the album, the band also released a music video for the song “Time Bomb.”

The “Time Bomb” video starts with Lee in a hospital bed and doctors are trying to revive him. Not sure what ills him, but then we see him running from guys dressed like bank robbers and then he is getting dipped into the water. Come to think of it, the hospital looks suspiciously like a tattoo parlor. Still doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Whether Lee pursues a third album once Motley Crue ends is up in the air. One thing is for sure, the music from the debut like it/or not stands out and Lee will never forget about his band. After all, MAYHEM is tattooed on his abs…

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