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This week three videos that do their best to entertain, promote new singles, and stretch every cent in the budget.

Damn Dice have released a music video for song “Take The Fight”, taken from the London band’s six song EP ‘Wild ‘N’ Ready.’ Like the Skid Row video, “Youth Gone Wild”, this video has a runner. What is he running from? I bet it’s Tony Danza (it’s always fucking Tony Danza). Eventually he makes it home and freaks out, trashing his place. The good news about small apartments is regardless of the destruction it doesn’t take long to clean up. The runner doesn’t bother cleaning up; instead he grabs his weapon of choice and leaves to confront his enemy. Spoiler Alert: He is his own enemy. Think about that runner from “Youth Gone Wild.” Deep stuff…

Kickin Valentina have released a video for the song “Get Ready”, from the Atlanta band’s current self-titled EP. This is about as low-budget as they come. Probably not much of a pre-production meeting, more like “are we going to use my iPhone or yours?” Regardless, I enjoy the blurred images mixed with frozen stills…

Southern California based Head Trip Superstar have released a video for their new single “Love You To Death.” I always move to the edge of my seat when I see “Once Upon a Time” because I’m always ready for a good story. Next, we get a tattooed bad ass walking around in her panties. The television tells us Bad Girls Go To Hell. So, apparently the tattooed bad ass is a bad girl. TV doesn’t lie! Note: The lead singer also comes in doll size and apparently makes girls bad, so, more hell. The band plays with a fire (hell-like) backdrop and the bad girl crawls around, restless in bed. This video is important because it validates that guitar solos guarantees spread eagle…

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