The Gloryhole


Steel Panther have released the third music video from their critically acclaimed new album ‘All You Can Eat.’ Following the release of the “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” and “The Burden Of Being Wonderful” videos comes “Gloryhole.”

The video begins with a message warning of possible (may contain) graphic images. I would like to know the person that walks away from this video and says, “No, I must have missed those, I didn’t see anything.” Pretty sure “may contain” can be removed from the message.

The song is, like most Steel Panther, very straight forward. No euphemisms allowed here, hot girls or not, Steel Panther is going to blow their loads at the Gloryhole tonight, a place where EVERYONE is welcome (assuming no gag reflex). The first couple minutes is everything you didn’t want to know about glory holes. Then just when you feel like you’ve taken in another humorous over-the-top Steel Panther video, it escalates to another level. At 2:37 to be exact. Not much to say, does “mass overload” cover it? The topless girl at 3:12 goes almost unnoticed. Can we all agree this particular shower is “low flow?” Okay, enough. BTW, I will probably never eat chocolate cake again…

Check out the video and more at


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