My Apologies to Winger


This week a tribute to the eighties, Bach is back and Winger (yes, that Winger) continues to surprise me.

Chris Laney’s new band Laney’s Legion has released a video for “Poptastic”, the second single from the group’s upcoming self-titled debut album due for release April 22nd. So this video is exactly as expected. This song (and video) is more of a celebration than tribute that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The popcorn for the “Pop” chorus is a nice touch. I wonder if anyone wondered if we would get it. Yes, we get it…

Sebastian Bach has released a video for “Temptation”, taken from his upcoming solo album ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ through Frontiers Records. Like him or not, in the wake of Skid Row, Bach continues to put out solid solo efforts. “Temptation”, the first song from his upcoming album confirms that this will continue. Nice to see Duff McKagan, seems like he’s all over these days. He’s like a rock and roll 2005 version of Wayne Brady. That guy was everywhere that year…

Winger has released a video for the song “Tin Soldier”, the third music video from their upcoming album ‘Better Days Comin’ — to be released on April 18th in Europe and April 22nd in North America through Frontiers Records. I really enjoy having fun with Winger, specifically Kip’s chest hair and well maintained beards, but I have a confession. I’m looking forward to this album. Everything I’ve heard is so damn good (and different than eighties Winger). Also, there’s something about the kid in the army cap playing the piano alone. Damn you Kip Winger…

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