Rockstar Spring Cleaning


This week a chance to rip through five videos released recently. Surprisingly, this week is low on comedy and one video is very serious. You may even weep. For fans of Fresh Prince of Bel Air this is equal to the episode where Carlton is hooked on speed. I wept for days when Carlton almost died.

House Of Lords has recently released a new studio album entitled ‘Precious Metal’ as well as a video for the song “Battle.” Love the psychedelic start and trippy bells and whistles throughout…

Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel have released a music video for the single “Shout It Out.” I’ve read the comments and some are not fans of this lineup, but I don’t mind it. It has just the right amount of raw for a no-frizz rocker tune…

Michael Sweet (Stryper) has released a video for the single, “I’m Not Your Suicide.” The song is an anti-bullying message. How weird would it be if Sweet turned out to be God! The man can do no wrong…

Finnish rockers, Loudguns, have released a video for the song “Loud ‘N’ Proud”, the first single ‘Sunset Runaway.’ Uh oh: Pink microphone and lots of hip shaking, here we go. Nope, not where I though this was headed. Just a throwback sound that works well with this song…

The Ragged Saints “Love Won’t Fade Away” video is a simple AC/DC riff with AC/DC energy and probably a lot fans wearing AC/DC shirts in the crowd. If you like AC/DC, check them out…

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