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Why do so many videos use Polaroid photos as imagery? That and more unasked questions answered this week with videos from Speed Stroke, H.E.A.T., and TomCat.

Speed Stroke have released a video for “Sick Of You”, from the Italian band’s self-titled debut album. The video begins with a photographer holding Polaroid photographs. Polaroid: The brand of pedophiles! Sorry, all of my knowledge of pedophiles is from Law and Order: SVU and they always have Polaroid photos. Back to the video, the guy is licking and ripping the pictures. Just when I expect him to whip it out the spray paint comes out to paint a target. Why a target? Answer: To shoot at silly. In the end he decides the bullets aren’t enough and just burns away the photos of the children, I mean of the band…

This spring sees the UK release of the long awaited new H.E.A.T studio album ‘Tearing Down The Walls’ via earMusic. The album’s lead single and video, “A Shot At Redemption”, has been released digitally as part of a 4-track EP. WHY! WHY must you scribble your lyrics across my monitor? There is no good reason and I’m sick of it. I’m definitely taking this to the top (change.org) with this one…

TomCat, a rock band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, have released a video for “Adrenaline”, from their debut album ‘Bits N’ Pieces.’ The video begins promising with a (presumably) hot lady in high boots and lead singer air guitar. (FYI: I’m not buying the whole “shackled to a chair” bit when it looks like it can barely support him.) The video is missing something, oh wait, what happened to the girl? At 2:05 there is a weird attempted kidnapping by a group dressed in bad Halloween costumes and then in the end we still never see the girl, at least not from the neck up. Bummer…

Check out the videos and more at MetalUnderground.com



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