The Birdcage


A strong international showing this week with Sweden, Germany, and Ireland all represented. Also, an answer to the question: What would a man look like if he always wore a birdcage on his head?

Irish Rockers, The Answer released their latest album ‘New Horizon’ this past fall via Napalm Records and have now posted a video for the album’s title track. If we ever run out of potential slasher movie characters my vote is for Cage Head! How would he dispose of his victims? By forcing upon and terrorizing them with a birdcage of course. This video proves how hard it is to walk around with a birdcage on your head, never mind trying to pick up girls, nearly impossible…

“Tattooed Woman”, the new video from Danish/German hard rockers Miracle Master, has arrived. If you are going to “air guitar” you really need to sell it and the lead singer nails it in this video. Also, the machete toss was a nice touch. New Rule: All videos end with a toast…

Swedish rock band Reach has released a single and video for “Black Lady.” Honestly I’ve got nothing; I couldn’t get past the hair. How awesome is that hair?

The Pretty Maids have released a video for “Nuclear Boomerang.” I like the slow build and gritty sounds. Bonus for the low budget “let’s shoot in a deserted crack room” set. I could do without the lyrics on screen, sorry, sometimes it’s not about the message, more the music. Plus, I like the mystery of not knowing what the fuck he’s saying!

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