Cool as Steel


Steel Panther have done it again. Just when you think they couldn’t create a more humorous video they go out and create a video for “The Burden Of Being Wonderful.” A video high on comedy and high on self confidence…

If I had a nickel for every video someone wakes up and drinks a beer, well, I would have at least a dollar by now. (Bonus: Post morning beer toilet humor.) On stage, Steel Panther looks their usual fabulous selves, complete with a neon guitar so bright, going forward that color should be called Steel Panther Green.

Back to the dude, he is putting on some VERY tight pants and a sleeveless Steel Panther tee. He looks in the mirror (as he does throughout the video) and sees the reflection of Steel Panther band members. He will never realize how ill-fitting his tight pants are. Still, in his mind, looking good!

The dude is not very smart. It’s very hard to pick up a jogger, they are jogging! Anyway, the bad ass reflection is still there so he keeps looking. This guy even gets turned down by okay looking hookers. There is one left who is not fabulous, but does it matter? This is Steel Panther’s world and everyone is getting lucky tonight. That evening the dude goes to a Steel Panther show (without the sad looking hooker) where his partying skills are so awesome he wakes up with a very hot girl. She wakes up, looks in a mirror and also sees the reflection of one of the Steel Panther boys.

Note: This girl is hot, but still not as pretty as any member of Steel Panther…

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