How to Be a Ho


This week a new video from Nasty Habit, an eighties throwback looking to inject some fun back into rock and roll with their new video, “Strut Your Stuff.” The message of this song and video appears to be that wearing your Sunday best isn’t always best.

The video begins at the corporate offices of Nasty Habit Studios. This looks like the type of office high on smoke breaks and low on production. Also, occasional hand jobs in the restroom. We are introduced to a blonde girl who is “hard” at work and also reviewing a job brochure for a modeling casting call. It doesn’t take long before her job becomes difficult due to another blonde taking over the office by stripping and (presumably) performing lap dances.

Lesson #1: Hard work isn’t going to get you a leg up, but rather having a leg up works wonders.

With the slutty blonde now in charge, the initial blonde goes to the casting call. Note: There seems to be an abnormal amount of cigar smoking to celebrate the slutty blond. At the casting call the blonde is quickly left out, unable to audition. She looks closer (sneaking into the back room) and sees that the reason why is because a super slutty blonde has fucked her way into the job.

Lesson #2: Fucking gets you the job.

The video takes a turn, now the blonde is looking for Tarantinoesque revenge. We see her “whoring” it up with makeup, sexy panties, and red “blow him” lipstick. She goes right to the club and finds the dude who has been hiring all the slutty blondes. What does she do? She goes down on him right in the club. You’re hired! Next, they are in bed, she grinds on top of him until everyone is all smiles. After, she is the new cover girl.

Lesson #3: Just fuck everyone.

Check out the video and more at


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