Rockstar Ramblings: Loaded Gun


It’s a new year with new videos from England and Sweden plus songs about guns and bullets. There’s even a video shot inside a strip club. Yeah 2014!

Gypsy Pistoleros are back! With a brand new line-up, the rockers have released a music video for “The Dirty Side Of Midnight”, the first single from their upcoming album. How do you top a great song title? Shoot a video for the song inside a strip club. Great work team…

States Of Panic, formerly known as Peepshow, have released a video for “Gun To My Head”, the band’s new single. Observation number one: If Black Veil Brides fucked The Killers this video is what would happen? Another observation is that both hair and gravity can be overrated…

English rockers Voodoo Vegas have released a video for the song “Bullet”, the second single from the band’s debut album ‘The Rise Of Jimmy Silver.’ It must have taken a lot of convincing to put the “swinging” scene in at 1:14. After much debate someone must have put their foot down and said, “The swing is going in the video, man!” Rock and Roll…

Less Than 4 are another rock band from Sweden. The group has spent the past 18 months playing clubs and festivals all over Sweden. The big lesson from this video is that if you are planning to wake up on a park bench, always have a cold one waiting, otherwise the rest of your day is just a mess…

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