Reviewing the Brew: Offseason Player Power Rankings


The Brewer power ranking is a composite score that considers on the field as well as off the field activities.  Do we really need a Brewer player power ranking?  Of course we do.

1: Carlos Gomez

After a stellar 2013, Gomez was honored with a Gold Glove and MVP votes.  Make it through the off-season controversy free and you are the favorite to keep the number one spot Mr. Carlos Gomez.
2: Will Smith

The Brewers’ big Hot Stove move: trading Norichika Aoki for Will Smith gets you high in the power rankings (at least this time).  Okay, so the Brewers now have the Fresh Prince, and the Bucks have Larry Sanders.  How long before the Packers draft a cornerback named Tony Danza?

3: Jean Segura

Will he lead off or not?  Will we see early 2013 Segura, or late season Segura?  Just can’t wait to see what next year brings for the Brewers shortstop.

4: Tyler Thornburg

Ron Roenicke already named Tyler Thornburg his fifth starter.  Why?  Did Tyler come into possession of some embarrassing photos?  Even if Thornburg is deserving of the starting spot, the timing is a little bit odd.

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