Projecting The Brewers’ Prospects: Hunter Morris


In December, the staff of Reviewing the Brew will be looking at the Top 10 Milwaukee Brewers’ prospects as ranked by Baseball America. When the Brewers look toward the future, they’ll do so with these top 10 players in mind.

As of writing this post the Brewers don’t have a first baseman.  Coincidentally, their prospect ranked number 10 by Baseball America is Hunter Morris and plays first base.

Morris was drafted by the Boston Red Sox in 2007, but instead of signing with the Sox went to Auburn University where he went on to become the 2010 SEC Player of the Year.  Per his Twitter account (@HunterMorris15), he continues his SEC allegiance and is a die-hard Tigers fan.   Morris was drafted by the Brewers in 2010 (fourth round).

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