Merry Kissmas


This week it was announced that Kiss would be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  After numerous nominations as well as years not nominated this was maybe their last chance.  They will join Nirvana, Peter Gabriel, and others April 10, 2014.

This week we flash back to when Kiss took off the make-up and joined the eighties comedy circuit with a video for “Heaven’s On Fire.”

0:05 The intro alone is gold; however, with Paul Stanley’s dramatic visual leading into his guitar prance (or is it a shimmy, I never know), even better.

0:20 Gen e Simmons tongue count is at one.

0:27 I guess this is a pre-orgy scene?

0:32 Heavy breathing…

0:38 Simmons tongue count at two and look at those pants!  Did they come like that?

0:53 Another weird pre-orgy scene, number two.

1:04, Paul Stanley prancing in white gloves, a tank top, and those “stringy” pants, remember when people used to call Kiss heavy metal (because they grouped a lot of eighties bands as heavy metal).  They never watched this video closely.

1:27 ALERT: Worlds collide – pre-orgy three and Gene’s tongue makes a third appearance.

1:42 Two words: Hate Fucking.

2:02 Why does gene always point down for Heaven’s On Fire?  Oh, I get it.  Very clever Mr. Simmons.

2:15 Gene Simmons half-tongue, count at 3.5.

2:20 The Kiss orgy scene does not evenly distribute the ass.  Paul has way more girls than everyone else.

2:32 Oh, the Paul Stanley passion, on his knees.

2:50 Another Gene half-tongue, is like it falls out whenever his mouth is open.

3:12 Video ends with Paul Stanley jumping through a ring of fire. True story.

On that note, congratulations Kiss and Happy Holidays everyone!

Check out the video and more at


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