Hall of Shame


This past year the Hall of Fame ceremony was an embarrassment. No new candidates were inducted despite many groundbreaking super stars in their first year of eligibility.  The reason of course is due to suspected steroid use, but what is the plan here?  Everyone from this era is suspect; you are naive to think otherwise.  Also, cheating has always been part of baseball going back to the 1919 Black Sox scandal to emery boards (a knuckle-ballers’ best friend) to corked bats.  The only point being made is that the Major League Baseball institution in Cooperstown, NY is turning into a museum versus a Hall of Fame.   Here is a look at two new candidates, a recent candidate, and a veteran of the process who has found a way to beat the system.

Barry Bonds

Yes, Barry Bonds used enhancement drugs.  No one denies this.  Yes, this probably assisted his record breaking 73 home-runs in 2001 and contributed to the 763 lifetime (also a record) home-runs.  However, Bonds also made 14 All-Star teams, leads in career walks, and leads in career intentional walks.  Most important: Seven. MVP. Awards.  No one has come close to this accomplishment and no one will.  Of those seven, four were won in consecutive seasons.  Seven.

Mark McGwire

Starting off his career (ironically) as a “Bash Brother” with Major League rat Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire would go on to hit 583 home runs in his career, averaging one in every 10.61 at bats which is best of all-time (Babe Ruth is number two).  Most importantly, his 70 home-run season (with Sammy Sosa on his heels) brought baseball back to the mainstream after labor issues had caused a strike and a canceled World Series.  No one talks about McGwire’s importance to the game and popularity, but it should be noted.  Yes, he used enhancement drugs.  No one denies this.

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