Great Moments In Brewer Facial Hair: Gorman Thomas


Nothing beats good facial hair. Whether looking back at the 1972 Oakland A’s or the modern day Boston Red Sox, baseball and facial hair go together like rally caps and desperation. The rich history of beards, chops, and general shagginess very much applies to Brewer history. Today we celebrate Stormin’ Gorman Thomas.

Brewer Memories
Thomas bashed 32 home runs in 1978 and then 45 home runs in 1979 (tops in American League). Thomas kept up his power hitting in 1980, jacking 38 home runs with 105 runs batted in. After finishing second in the AL in home runs with 21 in 1981, Thomas hit a league high 39 in 1982. Thomas’ slugging in ’82 lead the Brewers to their one and only World Series appearance where they went on to lose to the Cardinals in seven games. From 1978 to 1983 no one hit more home runs in the American League than Thomas who had 197 bombs.

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