The Jack Daniels Tee


A look at new music from Rust N’ Rage, Bloody Heels, and Daylight Robbery. Also, lots of Jack Daniels T-shirts, always lots of Jack Daniels T-shirts.

Having released their debut album ‘Showdown’ earlier this year, Finland’s Rust N’ Rage have now released a video for the single “This Time.” It doesn’t take long before we have our first Jack tee. This video is mostly a performance mixed in with shots of the band drinking beer (always in a can). If Rust N’ Rage comes over to the states for a tour I suspect they would buy a lot of Stroh’s 30 packs. Have you ever wondered who buys Stroh’s 30 packs? Bands like Rust N’ Rage, chased down with a bottle of Jack…

Bloody Heels, a new glam/pop-metal band from Northern Europe (Riga, Latvia), have released a video for the song “Hungry For Your Love.” The group is about to enter the studio to record their debut EP, slated for a January 2014 release. Let’s see, we have a smoke machine, Jack Daniels tee, and candy striped microphone stand. Yes, this is verified glam. Don’t miss the guitar gyrate move at 1:35, or maybe you want to. Nothing like old school guitar solos (2:00) where a couple of guys are able to rub against each other, sing into each other’s ears, lock tongues…oh wait. Anyway, the band keeps it old school, going with the “chorus over drums only” at 3:00. Consider this glam application approved…

Daylight Robbery have released a video for their new single “Samarah Never Sleeps”, from their upcoming album ‘Seconds Out’, slated for 2014. There is a girl who may be a ghost and is lost. The video has a haunted, theatrical, maybe even Poltergeist feel to it. Okay, I can’t get over it… It appears that Vince Neil and Meatloaf had a child that grew up and is singing in this video. Had to get that off my chest…

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