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Revenge and subtitles rule this week. Screaming Eagles take a unique approach to recovering their gear while The Cheats lose everything they own.

Irish rockers, Screaming Eagles, have released a video for their first single “Rock N Roll Soul”, a track from their debut album ‘From The Flames.’ The opening scene is the worst hangover and the only way to fix it is to start drinking. The whole band follows suit and then the world’s largest joint shows up. Life is good, right? Not so, the band needs to sound check and all of their shit has been stolen. (Note: The subtitles are not translating exactly.) Flashback to the night before and the gang puts together an old-school list of suspects. Screaming Eagles may be a good band, but they are awful detectives. Eventually, they figure out it was a computer repair guy. They dress in skeleton body suits (like the ones worn by the Cobra Kais’ for Halloween in the first Karate Kid) and load into a white rape van, because why not? Once they find their computer geek, their interrogation methods are weak – finally, they threaten the man’s Teddy bear – those bastards! They find their gear, load up the rape van, and make it back in time for the show…

After almost a year in the making, The Cheats finally release their new video for “Better Than The Rest.” The video was plagued with lost footage, reshoots, and just plain bad luck. “Better Than The Rest” is the first single off their latest album, ‘Pussyfootin.’ Breathing fire and a gruff voice kick off the video. A girl is upset with her dude and is throwing out all of his shit out the window of her apartment. The subtitles are interesting and impossible for me to follow except when “Ramones” appear. (Bonus: When the band is on stage look at the sign in the background: Absolutely No Cover Songs. Should be a standard.) Back at the apartment the girl tosses a Ramones record which the dude catches. Apparently this is all he really wanted. He takes his record goes to the pub and gets wasted, eventually passing out. A girl (is it the original girl?) finds him and snags away his last CD out of his hand. Where did the Ramones record go? Did he trade it for a pint? I like to think so…

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