David Lee Roth’s Paradise


Twenty Five years ago, 1988, the charts featured Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and of course, Guns N’ Roses. Also, Van Halen’s ‘OU812’, their second album with Sammy Hagar, held it’s own with three Top 25 singles. It was also the year of David Lee Roth’s second (full) solo album titled ‘Skyscraper.’ The first single and video was “Just Like Paradise” and as is most things Diamond Dave, entertaining. This video expanded Roth’s resume to include rock climber, boxer, and crowd surfer…

0:11 He was really into climbing – naming the album ‘Skyscraper’ wasn’t enough, he needed a video.
0:19 On stage, Roth is doing slow motion flips, Steve Vai is rocking the triple neck heart guitar. Clearly Vai is an “axe man.”
0:35 Not even one minute in and Roth has already has worn Hammer pants (before Hammer pants) and some type of Native American costume, maybe given by a wise old man on top of a mountain he climbed?
0:49 Rock climbing shot – It’s a 3D shot of Roth’s crotch coming at you: DUCK!
0:55 On stage shot – Hip gyrating crotch coming at you: DUCK! This video is a tale of two crotches – both equally dangerous.
1:02 Gregg Bissonette is the drummer and has a GREAT mullet. I place it third all-time behind John Stamos and Andre Agassi’s fake mullet.
1:26 Warning: Very hard air fucking on stage by Roth.
1:33 Finally, a guitar 360! I thought it would never come.
1:42 That’s a lot of keyboards, hey, wasn’t that one of the initial breaking up points of Van Halen?
1:52 Steve Vai pointing to himself, uncomfortable…
2:02 Hey, did Vai just throw a cowboy hat at me?
2:12 Why is Roth checking his watch? A) How much longer till he can go climbing again B) Checking to see how long since Eddie called C) See how long it’s been since the last costume change
2:40 YES! Slow motion karate kicks.
2:50 Roth at the top of the mountain.
3:04 Guitar solo and now Roth has a boxing ring on stage and is wearing gloves
3:19 Bad Ass Ninja moves.
3:25 If there was ever a time to use the phrase “glam boxing gloves”…NOW!
3:56 Good thing I didn’t bail too soon – smoke machine and synchronized dancing between Roth, Vai, and Billy Sheehan. Always makes me smile.
4:04 I’m not joking when I say Roth is flying on top of a surf board – yes, same video…

Check out the video and more at MetalUnderground.com


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