Crashdiet: “Circus”


Crashdiet have released a music video for the song “Circus”, the latest single from their recent album ‘The Savage Playground.’

‘The Savage Playground’, the Swedish rockers second with vocalist Simon Cruz debuted at #2 on the Swedish album charts. Regarding the new album, guitarist Martin Sweet says, “It’s more organic and rough sounding.”  Translation: More punk sound and less production costs (a.k.a. win/win).

I always love the movie strip countdown.  It’s the same as the start of a concert, intro and first song is very important to me.  The leather jacket reads SINNER.  This means the chance to see someone using a BAD MOTHER FUCKER wallet has greatly increased.  On stage, Crashdiet brings a high electric factor.  On the street, Crashdiet appears obsessed with Guinness beer.  They are even drinking bottles of Guinness in the backseat of a car.  Who does this?

The song is over four minutes long so to break up the video there are random shots of the band.  Some are sitting, reading, and at 2:35 texting.  Maybe a song is a minute too long if you are forced to show a shot of someone texting.  Just a thought…

Read the column and check out the video at



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