Daddy Loves Me: Eating Out and Tipping Etiquette 101


Spring is here (or coming soon) and for New Yorkers that means outside EATS!  For my family specifically it means my wife and I finding a place sympathetic to us our dog and baby needs.

If you are a restaurant that offers outside dining BEWARE because our potential shitshow includes: Baby, Dog, Large Stroller, Bottles, Treat Bags, Formula powder EVERYWHERE, Water Bowl, Crying, Barking, and sometimes even Kicking…  Believe me when I say this is only a summary and I’m leaving 500 things off this list!

There are many scenarios and you never know what to expect.  Maybe it will be nap time, MAYBE NOT!  Maybe the baby will be hungry, or maybe the dog will decide she needs to pee.  (She is outside, what is she supposed to do?)  By the way, when a dog pees and there is no runoff, dumping water on the spot and “diluting” only creates a pee spot DOUBLE THE SIZE!  The more you know…

Anyway, back to the original point.  If your waitperson takes care of you and acts cool like everything is okay (IT’S CLEARLY NOT OKAY) you had better tip him well.  My suggestions…

20% is the minimum, even if you had an awful experience – the experience they just had is probably worse…

25% this is the minimum for okay to good service…

30% service was great and the wait staff understood (Note: They did NOT understand, they are just being cool.)

75% for any place you had a good experience and expect to return and not have the wait staff run away in horror!

If you can’t afford 30% don’t go out or at least don’t drag the kids out; instead, get a sitter (See 30% isn’t so bad now is it!)


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