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10. Birdman

Winner of “Best Picture” ex-Miami Heat big man Chris Anderson took home…wait, what? Oh. Well I never saw the movie, but I did see “The Birdcage” and that is a really funny movie.

9. Fifty Shades of Grey

Still dominating the box office and still here in the rankings because of, well I don’t know, I guess fucking on the big screen, hard.

8. Michael Carter-Williams

The only time an NBA player is happy to be going to Milwaukee is if he is part of the current Philadelphia 76ers organization.

7. The Engagement of Michael Phelps and Lady Gaga

Yeah, yeah, I know they got engaged to other people, but what if? They could make beautiful super swimming singing babies!

6. Pharrell Williams and Pharrell Williams’ Hats

The Voice is back after taking a 4 hour break and that means the return of Gwen Stefani’s face, a couple of guys with cheesy beards and Pharrell Williams. No one is cooler than Pharrell. I bet he walks into a room and even Clooney just bends over on instinct.

5. Alex Rodriguez

A-Rod reports to Yankee camp early and could be the greatest redemption story of all…ah, forget it. He’s still an A-Hole. See what I did there? #obviouscomedygold

4. Dino Ferrari

This Italian dude caught a 280 lb catfish and that’s all anyone can talk about. What about the greatest name of all-time!

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The Darkness Returns


If you like graphic novels, blood and snappy dialogue you are in for a treat. If you like all three and also really like feet you are Quentin Tarantino. Here’s the new video “Barbarian” from The Darkness.

Lead singer Justin Hawkins says this song contains “not one but two dramatic monologues, a guitar solo that has been declared ‘irresponsible,’ a riff that weakens lady knees and a chorus that makes grown men shit directly into their pants.” You have been warned.

The video starts off looking like a Hagar the Horrible comic strip. Hagar the Horrible was never where I first went to on the funnies page, but usually worth a glance.

The band is shirtless in the rain which means they might be near a club in South Beach, Miami. This scene is followed by splattering blood and then grocery cart races.

The lyrics are “Great Dane with the sword” so naturally they put a Great Dane with a sword. (Thank you for this.) I mentioned Tarantino above, but this video is very much something he would enjoy (Note: Pretty sure he would add racist humor and bad wigs).

For the lyrics “Corpses in the snow…” look in the background, is that Frosty the Snowman back there? Frosty, come back!

At 2:47 in this video, the band is definitely taking graphic design liberties with the depiction of their bodies.

Hey, did the drummer just get shot in the head? I see, they all got murdered while someone nearby sketched the whole incident, or maybe they were murdered by the graphic artist.

Thank you whoever you are for telling this story, I needed a good laugh…

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Wednesday Mail Bag!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Is Whopper Wednesday still a thing? If it is, then welcome to the second best thing about hump day. Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? Email us at

Who wins more games next season: Buffalo Bills or New York Jets?

It depends if either solves their QB situation, right? Let’s assume they won’t because it’s the Jets and Bills. Rex Ryan is now in Buffalo so that means the Bills will probably play the Patriots tough as well as the Jets. The Bills were the better team last season and I don’t see any reason why this changes. My pick is the Bills to win 10 games next season and win a Wild Card Playoff game with their defense. They will lose in the Divisional round and then bring in Mark Sanchez as the “missing piece” for 2016. This will not work out of course, but it does give us hope for what could be the greatest sequel (and porn title) of all time: Buttfumble 2. The Bills will win more games than the Jets.

If you are going to hell, is Newark airport where you go when you die?

No. Newark is more like purgatory, it’s really big, has no personality and easy to get lost in. It makes sense though that hell would be close by, and it is. LaGuardia airport is definitely hell. I would rather spend 4 hours in New York’s Port Authority (public urination capital of the world) than have a layover in LaGuardia. There is no room, no options to eat (once you pass through security) and worse of all – no bars in some gate areas. LaGuardia is worse that hell.

Would more people in America want to have dinner with Tom Brady or Barack Obama?

I think this depends on geographic location. If you are in New England you may very well pick Tom Brady, or if you have a crush on Brady, then that’s who you may choose. I don’t think either would be very enjoyable as both seem rather calculated with their conversation. The best you hope for is picking the President and inviting some of his Secret Service guys to dine with you. Get a couple of drinks in them and I’m sure the stories start flowing. For the dreamers: Tom and Giselle threesome. Personally, I’m going Obama and would focus the whole meal on getting him to admit the Bears are fucked.

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Most Clutch NBA Players of All-Time


Three, two, one… Who do you want taking the shot as the clock winds down? It’s not always an All-NBA star and for some players it becomes their specialty, their calling card in the NBA. Bonus if you end up with a nickname due to your clutch shooting. Nicknames make everything better.

All of these players have no fear when it comes to “taking the shot,” regardless of whether it goes in or not. One consistent characteristic is that each player puts himself in position to either have the ball or receive it during crunch time. These are the guys that want to be down two, pulling up from beyond the arc with a chance to win! They don’t even think about the other option.

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10 Mob Bosses that Got Away


Getting away with something feels pretty good, but most of us can’t imagine pulling off something “big” and getting away with it for fear of getting caught. What if you ran an empire, and each day was about avoiding the law and you succeeded? This group of “bosses” ran their crews and for the most part avoided getting busted.

This list details the very best (or worst) of gangsters responsible for the biggest heists, running city-wide organize crime syndicates and murder. Not all avoided the law their whole life, but let’s face it – if you made it 40 years killing people as a cost of doing business for a living and get busted for taxes, you beat the system.

In looking at this group, all ran organizations full of drug runners, prostitution, illegal gambling, murder or all the above. Sure, there may be a couple that weren’t the top boss, but let’s face it – we all have bosses. What these individuals did was distance them properly from any actual connection and kept those close to them from being “rats.” That’s good advice for anyone looking to run a business of any kind.

An honorable mention goes to Meyer Lansky, the gangster who kept a low profile as well as made sure he was never “boss,” not wanting the “public enemy number one” tag that comes along with running a crew. He was one of the smartest, earning over $400 million for the mob in his career, but never close to being considered a boss. Modesty: Another good trait for anyone looking to be big in business.

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Teaser Tuesday Free NCAA Basketball Picks

I’m off to a red hot start at 4-0 against the spread. Check out my latest picks at

To Beard or Not To Beard: An Update

I still have my beard and at the very least it’s been an interesting experience. It didn’t take long to realize that “beards” take care of other beards. I’m reminded of the Eddie Murphy SNL skit when he dressed as a white man and people just gave him stuff, “It’s okay, just take it.” This is how I feel when I come across a fellow beard, special treatment or at the very least a nod to say “we are in this together, man!” It’s getting to the point where if I hear non beards comment on my beard I am skeptical. In summary, I still have a beard, am presently “pro beard”, but like everything else in life is still day to day…


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