8 Most Hipster Neighborhoods on Earth


It starts with one person, they move into a forgotten neighborhood, or an area that has been neglected (lots of broken windows). A new beginning; an often cheaper and more creative space for an artist or individual that doesn’t want to be part of the yuppie lifestyle, at least not officially. Fast forward – others follow and before you know it the crime, dark alleys and graffiti is no longer a reason to stay away, but rather a community of cool. A place for the anti-establishment and counterculture to come together as a community, drink coffee, ironically enjoy Pabst beer and grow very bushy beards. This is now a hipster neighborhood.

The window of cool for hipster neighborhoods is one that begins to shut as soon as it’s opened. First, the actual broken windows are fixed. Then the art galleries, organic coffee shops and authentic Mexican restaurants and taco trucks (hipsters love their tacos) appear. After this it’s not long before it’s THE place to be. Eventually people slightly older with more money move in, they bring expensive beer (three times the cost of Pabst!), condominiums and the kiss of death – Starbucks. Just when you think the dream is over you find a neighborhood two miles west where there are even more broken windows. Hipster neighborhoods are always moving; it’s the circle of hipster life.

Many of the neighborhoods listed are known, but the true hipsters are already moving on. They are moving into Hunters Point (San Francisco) and Red Hook (Brooklyn) where they can honestly say they live in a building that’s a converted chemical plant. These are now the true hipster neighborhoods.

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NFL Week 8 Picks


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10 NFL Teams With the Craziest Tailgaters


When it comes to tailgating, no league is more passionate than the National Football League. Regardless of whether it’s week 1 or week 16, hot or cold, a meaningful game or not – the fans are there to support their team; especially in the cold.

By definition, tailgating should be done in a parking lot, so it makes sense that football is a perfect fit, with sprawling parking lots surrounding the stadiums, creating ample room to setup a grill, open a cooler and stretch your legs. Did I mention many of these fans may not even have tickets? The tailgate is the event, the reason to get up early on a Sunday and venture into the frigid, sweaty-hot or rain-drenched weather. For the true old-school tailgaters, they are always in the same spot, with the same setup and drinking the same beer (or kerosene if in Oakland). In the case that a parking lot does fill up, no worries, as the party typically flows into surrounding neighborhood yards and adjacent restaurants and bars.  There is never a concern that alcohol is going to run out.

That’s not to say each NFL tailgate is the same environment – far from it. Some feature fun drunks and amusement for the whole family, others bring the sexy, and some are downright dangerous (Hi, Oakland).

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Ball Breakers


Very few things make me laugh out loud – television doesn’t do it for me anymore and even movie’s labeled as comedies rarely split my gut. However, Steel Panther still makes it happen for me. Their videos continue to top one after another. Probably not for everyone, but you have to give it to them – apparently no one ever says “too much” when pitching video ideas.

The new Steel Panther “ball-busting” video is for the track “Pussywhipped” from their album ‘All You Can Eat.’

The video begins with a few recognizable faces. It’s a bird, it’s a plane, OH NO…it’s a giant ball sack. That happened.

Cut to some type of stripper Little League where “polo shirt guy” loses his balls to one of the baseball strippers – she hits them out of the park! (Bonus: Creepiness of Steel Panther sitting in the “mom” bleacher section.) Next the band is on the golf course where there is beauty queen and a golfer that looks like Tiger Woods (sort of: black, red shirt, black hat). The Woods imposter tees up one of “polo shirt guy’s” balls and hits it. The crowd approves with the appropriate claps. This video is pure insanity, nothing is out of bounds. Next, there is a ball piñata and then a wrestler’s worst nightmare (ball stretch!) followed by the ultimate ending, a steel cage fight for “polo shirt guy’s” balls back.

No surprise that “polo shirt guy” has super powers (of course he does), but I was surprised that the super power was shooting electricity to get his balls back. I assumed he was able to shoot vaginas. Yeah, I really thought he was going to be able to shoot vaginas. Seems perfectly logical when watching this video.

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Top Tailgating Cultures


Someone asks you to go to a sporting event. In your head there is an immediate picture and it may not be inside the stadium. You may envision yourself sitting around a grill, surrounded by cars and coolers full of beverages, laughing and having a good time with friends and the surrounding community. Tailgating has become as important as the event itself.

What is tailgating? It’s a good question if you live outside of America and have never heard of it before. Tailgating is the act of arriving prior to an event and having a pre-party consisting of food, friends and often, lots of alcohol. Typically in a stadium or arena parking lot, it started with people opening up the trunk of their cars and sitting on the tailgate, hence the name. What started as getting a 12 pack and some hot dogs has turned into major parties, sometimes turning the tailgate into a bigger ordeal than the sporting event you paid for tickets to see. Tailgating is about celebrating the team you came to support, and this can’t be stressed enough: lots of alcohol. Today, beer isn’t always enough, or at a minimum you should have some craft beer on hand (or gasoline if tailgating an Oakland Raiders game). Also, the grilling has turned from a simple cook-out of a few hamburgers to a competition to see who is able to cook the perfect T-bone or has the best shrimp cocktail presentation.

Europeans do not tailgate per se, but that has nothing to do with passion. More often their practice is to grab a beer or two prior and along with a sandwich and save their energy for inside the stadium walls. It has never occurred to anyone to bring along a grill to use out in the parking lot prior to a rugby match. Most Europeans and cultures outside of American have no clue what tailgating is all about.

Since not every place has a parking lot, what counts as tailgating? Three rules: First is that there must be large amounts of food and alcohol. It does not have to be grills and coolers and can be for sale (food trucks and bars are acceptable). There must be a sense of community. Finally, the actual event can’t be the main focus at the time (more interested in eating, drinking and “mentally preparing”). This list covers the top 8 cultures, sporting activities and their fans. How does one group of fans tailgate different than others? You will see that not only are there differences between types of sport, but within them as well. One of the reasons we like sports so much is the subtle differences between teams and cities they represent.

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NFL Week 7 Free Picks


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10 Tech Watches for Nerds


There is something timeless about a watch. Having to use a watch to tell time is obsolete, yet we still wear them on our wrists. A fashion statement for men (and some women), watches are an accessory we can’t get enough of. In addition to fashion, some wristwatches have incorporated a technological flavor into their design, giving us more reasons to want them so badly. These are ten of those watches.

When looking to find the best, it’s best to stay focused on one area, and that means no “smart” watches or devices marketed to Google that you happen to wear on your wrist. It needs to be functional; I need to actually be able to tell time with my watch. In case you haven’t caught on, it must also look good! The technology needs to be unique, or give the watch a flare that sets it apart, making it more advanced than others on the market. There is a fine line between technologically advanced and gimmicky, so even though the Timex thumbnail watch is an incredible concept, it’s not very practical. The same can be said for the “flexible” watches that fit on your skin like a band aid, I may be too old-school on this point, but watches need a band and they go on your risk. Also, size matters. The HM3 Thunderbolt is an amazing watch, but having something the size of a Boeing twin engine attached to your arm isn’t going to cut it either. Most importantly, no lasers or James Bond-type poisonous darts can shoot out from the wristwatch. Just kidding, of course poisonous darts are allowed!

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