#8 Philip Rivers Because Fuck Los Angeles…OWR Friday Pop Culture Rankings!


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10. Shelly Sterling

Ex-wife of estranged ex-Clipper owner, Donald Sterling, she beat him and now she just beat V. Stiviano (has to give 2.6 million dollars back). Stiviano is lucky Shelly didn’t take the “V”, because she probably would have got it.

9. Taxes

I believe tax day is in spring because people are in a more positive mood. If tax day was in January the suicide rate would spike 650 percent.

8. Philip Rivers

Tells San Diego he won’t play in Los Angeles, trade me.

7. Charles Barkley

Apparently back in the day put on 19 pounds so the Philadelphia 76ers wouldn’t draft him. It didn’t work and joke was on Barkley – did he ever lose the 19?

6. American Idol Is Done

The “Wack” drama was so contrived; it’s over.

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Rockstar Ramblings: Cruel Intentions


This week new videos from Tom Keifer (Cinderella), Lizzy DeVine (Vains Of Jenna) returns and some good ole boys play an AC/DC classic for our pleasure.

Tom Keifer has released a music video for “It’s Not Enough”, the fourth his debut solo album, ‘The Way Life Goes.’ Simple, yet cool rock and roll – Keifer makes it look natural and easy. It’s also nice to see he still rocks the scarves…

Vains Of Jenna front man Lizzy DeVine has returned with his new band, The Cruel Intentions. The new group has released a video for “Borderline Crazy.” First off, I am always a big fan of songs three minutes or less. Lots of leather, bandanas and so much pale skin. This may be the only band that postpones shows due to the sun…

The Glorious Sons have released a video for “Lightning”, the latest single from their Juno nominated album ‘The Union.’ It appears very cold wherever they are shooting this video. That’s why the missing hat half-way through is such a mystery to me…

So this is from Finland, maybe you have already seen it, maybe not. It’s a unique take on an AC/DC classic. Let’s be clear, after making this video these are guys are never getting laid again, right? Or is it the opposite? I get very confused on the rules when it comes to non-porn viral videos…

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If LeBron Brings A Championship To Cleveland Will They Finally Burn Down Their City? Wednesday Mailbag Is Here!


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I’m scared of killing my family with food poisoning so I’ve started washing raw chicken before cooking, am I being too cautious?

I’m also over protected of chicken because the media has convinced me if I touch raw chicken and then touch a living creature it will die of salmonella poisoning. This isn’t true of course and you shouldn’t be washing your chicken (btw that sounds like something very different), instead keep the chicken in a manageable area and clean up with soap and water. That should protect you and any living creatures surrounding you. When I was a kid we used to go fishing and use chicken liver as bait to catch carp. We would buy the raw chicken parts from the grocery store and just rip it open and put them on the hook. There was a good chance that hand went right into a bag of chips next, no questions asked. What was my point again? Oh yes, chicken liver is awesome fishing bait!

If LeBron brings home a title to Cleveland, will they burn the city to the ground once and for all? 

The odds are at least 3/2, right? Cleveland is known to start fires when their teams lead at half-time so who knows what they are capable of if they win a championship. I don’t think they will burn the city to the ground and the reason is because Detroit hasn’t been successful burning their entire city down. God knows they have tried. Hopefully the blaze would be put out before it reached the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame otherwise we would have listen to a lot of really old musicians during a “Rebuild Cleveland Telethon” and no one wants that.

What are the 2015 MVP odds for Johnny Manziel?

Probably 10,000 to 1 and even then I would feel a little dumb wasting a buck. I would need this to be 15,000 to 1. If it reaches those odds, put me in for two bucks.

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12 Ugliest Sports Cars of All-Time


Sports cars should be sexy and make people go “oooh”, that’s the point. Sure they are also incredible machines, but the “oooh” factor is why we covet sports cars. This is not a list about those cars, this is a list of sports cars that make people go “ugh” and shake their head.

These cars not only fall short of that goal, some of them are an absolute mess, pieces and parts mashed together with the label of a sports car. The reality is that each of these cars was a big miss and due to the output engineers were probably relieved of their jobs.

Not all of these vehicles are awful from top to bottom; some actually perform very well and live up to the high-performance hype expected from sports cars. Maybe focusing on performance was the problem because the style, feel and practicality of these cars are downright head-scratching.

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(ALBUM REVIEW) Attik Door – Never In Agreement


It would be impossible to identify all of the musical influences of Attick Door because they mix so many different sounds to give their music a unique feel. From the former USSR, the band leans on their past while mixing in the present.
Never In Agreement kicks off with “Posers”, an angst filled tune with catchy guitars and even catchier chorus. This is a great opening song that leads into “Bleed”, a mix of hard core rapping and rock over guitars that are somehow find an acceptable balance between classic rock and thrash. That may sound confusing, but this appears to be Attick Door’s bread and butter, fusing different genres together to create a unique sound, that works. I wasn’t crazy seeing a song named “California” from a band based in California (a little cliché don’t you think?), but they played it straight and works. I stand corrected.

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Is It Okay To Hate Duke Again? The Wednesday Mailbag is Here!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover hating on Duke, IPA beer and banging 80’s lead singers. Email us atmailbag@onlinewagerreview.com.

For whatever reason, I didn’t “hate” Duke this season, now I hate them again, what gives?

Probably because they make it so easy to hate; also, Kentucky was the monster that took a lot of eyes off the Blue Devils. Once they were out it was like, oh Duke? Fuck those guys. For me it was all about Grayson Allen, I mean his name really says it all, right? That’s when I jumped back on the #FuckDuke bandwagon. Okay, I may have started #FuckDuke… In summary – yes, it’s okay to hate Duke again.

If you were a groupie in 1988, which eighties heavy metal singer would be the ultimate bang?

So then the lead singers are in their prime, eh? Let’s see, I’m thinking there would be five on my bang list, but I think it depends on what you “like” or can handle.

Vince Neil: The boys of Motley Crue were notorious for their lines (actual lines) of women they would have sex with. Waiting in line sort of sucks so you may want to bring a book to read when waiting for Neil to bang you. The sounds may be a little distracting, making it difficult to concentrate on reading.

Jon Bon Jovi: Seems like he might like to cuddle and you know what that means, lots of stories about New Jersey. If you are not from the Garden State you may want to pass on Bon Jovi.

Axl Rose: He was probably the ultimate bang for a groupie, of course, there’s always a chance (during his “prime”) you would be thrown down a flight of stairs and have your teeth knocked out, but hey – free drugs!

The Gorgeous Dude from Bulletboys: If you are into looks it doesn’t get anymore beautiful than Marq Torien. I know I would have banged him if I had the chance.

Bret Michaels: Seems like probably the least dangerous, was in a giant band (during the time) and (although unknown at the time) there’s a chance for a reality show appearance 20 years later!

I guess I’m going with Michaels as the ultimate bang for an eighties groupie. Not me though, I wouldn’t want to get near Michaels…I’m clearly more of a Torien kind of guy!

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(Review) The Vigilance Committee: Exit a Hero

The Vigilance Committee is an indie rock band from Long Island, N.Y. The band released their debut album, Lost Again, in May 2014 and an EP titled Love the Sea in the summer of 2014. Exit a Hero is their latest work that is a concept album based on the story of the first vigilance committees of San Francisco.

I always like it when a band immediately puts its best foot forward and that’s what happens with the opening track “Set the Pacific on Fire”, this band is compared to a lot of different indie, grunge and rock bands, but what I hear most is a unique sound, more old-school Dead Milkmen sound versus what we typically categorize as Indie rock. The lyrics in the opener are fantastic as is the video that really showcases the bands artistic, yet gritty look as well as the charismatic Peter Scoma. The next track, “Taking What’s Mine” is a great second punch, mixing up a fast beat with soothing mellow energy. Again, there’s a special sound that’s both easy on the ears and cutting in attitude. Other highlights for me include “Expositor”, an upbeat track with a crisp sound and perfect vocals and “Montgomery”, which sounds as good as anything the Strokes have released in recent years.

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