Super Bowl 50 Free Pick


Super Bowl 50 is almost here. I’m trying to convince myself the Broncos have a chance. Here’s my case:

  • Many are quick to point to the Seattle game just two years ago. That was a different Broncos team, a team built on offense.
  • Denver’s defense is the best in the league, the best, better than Carolina’s defense.
  • Super Bowl 50 can’t go as bad as their last Super Bowl; remember the opening snap to Manning? No way…
  • It’s likely Manning’s last game – there is no better walk off story.
  • What if Manning still has some bullets left he’s been saving for this chance? If that’s the case this could play out better than a Rocky movie.

Okay, so the Carolina offense is good, good enough to pencil in 30 points. Now if Manning can make a couple of plays I don’t think 20 points is out of the question for Denver. That’s Carolina winning 30-20. What if Denver’s defense makes a key play, taking away one of those shining Cam moments and turns it into points. Instantly we could have a 27-23 Broncos win. This game is all about turnovers and Denver has the better defense. What do you think?

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10 Greatest NFL Playoff Meltdowns Of All-Time


The NFL playoff final stage is set with the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers advancing to Super Bowl 50. Along the way several great franchises fell short including New England, Pittsburgh and Green Bay. Each had a chance and then had their moments crushed. How bad were these defeats? Were they among the worst? Here are the 10 worst NFL playoff meltdowns of all time.

To define the worst we have look at a few points. First, the game had to be meaningful. If a team was “just happy to be there” then a close game at the end isn’t necessarily crushing. What if a team has a wonderful season only to flame out when it matters? What if your team is leading the whole game until the final minutes and loses, resulting in a true “gut punch” game? Yes, it matters and definitely factors into this list.

Honorable mention goes to the 1940 Redskins. They are not from the modern age of football, but still worth noting due the way they lost. In the NFC championship game they went up against the Chicago Bears, a team they defeated 7-3 just three weeks prior. They lost 73-0!

A lot of teams are here including the Dolphins, Giants, Packers and even the Patriots. Who isn’t included? The Browns, because they have suffered enough. Here are your top 10 worst playoff meltdowns of all time:

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10 Reasons The Guns N’ Roses Reunion Won’t Happen


The world’s most dangerous rock band is getting back together. At this point they are confirmed for three shows (two in Las Vegas and Coachella Music Festival) with a larger tour looming. The band is said to be looking at 25 stadiums with a payout of $3 million per, about 3 times the going rate for big acts. If Guns N’ Roses truly puts together a reunion tour and does it right, they could tour for three years to large sell-out crowds, easily. The problem with this is how difficult it is for this band to do anything the right way.

The most obvious reason the reunion won’t happen is because it just won’t be the same. These dudes are old and reproducing the magic of the late eighties isn’t an option. Best case they should focus on long epic shows with lots of ballads. Essentially, study REO Speedwagon – they figured this out years ago. Another factor that didn’t make the list is based on which guitarist goes on tour. Whether it’s both Izzy Stradlin and Gilby Clarke, neither or just one of them, most likely they won’t be the story. For the music, having both would be wise, but wisdom and logic may not be priorities here.

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Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets


The game is almost here: Super Bowl 50! That means betting on a lot of stupid shit. Check out some of my favorites…

How many times will the Golden Gate Bridge be shown during the broadcast?

Over     0.5 (1/3)

Under   0.5 (2/1)

PICK: Over, this is a lock…


 How many times will Archie Manning be shown on TV during the broadcast?

Over     1.5 (1/1)

Under   1.5 (5/7)

PICK: Over, again, this is easy money


How many times will John Elway be shown on TV during broadcast?

Over     2.5 (1/1)

Under   2.5 (5/7)

PICK: Over, Over, Over…this is so simple people! Let’s make a million!

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Super Bowl Prop Betting 101


Prop Betting season is here everyone! A look back at some of our favorites from last year and what we are hoping for this year, excerpt:

Number of times Peyton Manning yells “Omaha!”

Personally I like the under in case he gets injured. My assumption is he doesn’t yell “Omaha!” from the sidelines.

Number of Bronco receiver drops / Manning disappointing head shakes

Over / Under has to be at 5, right?

How long before Beyonce is on stage at halftime before everyone forgets Coldplay was/is also there?

Over Under has to be 1 second, right?



Fly In My Soup


It was one of those Irish bars, McCabe’s or McClancy’s or something or another. When I sat down I ordered a whiskey. I liked that the bartender didn’t ask questions, just put down a whiskey in front of me. This place was really old-school, with boxing on one of the television sets and a bartender with a wispy mustache now only reserved for firefighters and hipsters. He was nipping at his own drink behind the bar. I ordered anther and then realized I was hungry so I asked the bartender what’s good. He replied “whiskey” so I ordered the soup and another whiskey.

A man wearing camouflage pants and no shirt busted in “I’ve been shot, where is the hospital?” The bartender was mixing a drink, with his back turned. He didn’t turn around; instead, just said “two blocks north” and then shook his head. The shirtless man said something about dying, but there was no blood and eventually he turned around, made a peace sign with his right hand and left. My soup arrived shortly after.

Halfway through my third whiskey I noticed the fly. He was right in the center of my soup and appeared to be doing the backstroke. I grunted toward the bartender who slowly made his way over. I pointed and he looked down and back at me. “What?”

“There’s a fly in my soup”, I said.

Have another whiskey is all he said so I did. There was a woman at the end of the bar wearing a white skirt and showing a lot of thigh, real old-school type place. After finishing my whiskey I looked again and sure as shit there was no fly. I called the bartender over and asked him about the fly. He told me he didn’t see any fly and put another whiskey in front of me. My new favorite place, I love McFaddens, McElroys or whatever the hell that place is called. I only wish I could remember where the hell it was…

Classic Rock Stars With The Highest Energy


When thinking about rock stars, you may picture someone that spends their life hanging with groupies before a show, playing a one-hour set on stage and then it’s time for post-show groupie time. For some, this may be accurate, but there are a number of “classic” rock stars that continue to work their asses off, and I’m not referring to the groupie scene here. In some cases, these rock stars are old enough to collect social security, yet they still make music, go on tour, write books, host radio shows and much, much more. Here are 10 rock stars well past their prime that still work harder than you.

Unfortunately, Motorhead frontman Lemmy just missed the list, recently passing at the age of 70. Despite his ongoing illnesses and age, Lemmy and his band Motorhead were still putting out music right up until his cancer diagnosis, just days before he died. Other honorable mentions include Paul McCartney, a legend that seems to be available anytime there’s an on-screen collaboration, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) who found time to release three albums and perform in a Broadway musical based on his music, and finally, Sebastian Bach who continues to make music as a solo artist as well as being an available voice for whatever super group of the week is touring.

We’ve got ex-addicts done straight, rockers that continue to defy celebrity death pools, lots of hair, and of course, Dave Grohl (because he is everywhere). Here are 10 classic rock stars that still work harder than you:

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