Is Eddie Van Halen The Biggest Dick in Rock and Roll?…OWR Mailbag!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover the NBA Draft, the new Eddie Van Halen interview and the elusive Bloody Mary hole-in-one. Email us at

Is Eddie Van Halen the biggest dick in rock and roll?

I’m assuming this is based on Eddie’s latest Billboard magazine interview. Van Halen is dickish, but he’s also an artist so there is a lot of leeway here. Also, this is nothing new and it’s been a long time since I listened to anything Eddie had to say. Back in 1984 when he parted ways with David Lee Roth, the reason he gave was because Roth wanted to create pop music instead of rock. Well, Eddie’s next two albums were 5150 and OU812, two of the “lightest” albums in the VH catalog. Meanwhile, Roth unleashed Eat’em and Smile, a much heavier collection that still holds up surprisingly well. I think the real question is if no one listens to what you say are you still a dick?

Last week I was chipping golf balls in my back yard and one landed directly in my drink. It was a Bloody Mary. Should I count this as a hole-in-one?

It’s definitely not an official hole-in-one, but is still worthy of a fist pump. I do think this is a sing though, a sign you should be drinking Bloody Mary’s the next time you hit the links.

What’s the craziest suit color suit someone could wear to the NBA draft? Can Jalen Rose and his red suit pinstripe suit ever be beat?

Rose set the bar very high back in 1994, so high that to this day I don’t believe it has been topped. I think if someone came buttoned up in a Cat In The Hat suit, complete with bow tie and top hat that would be pretty kick ass and would put Rose on notice.

Dallas Cowboys…are you buying or selling on these guys?

I sold on the Cowboys years ago and they still have essentially the same team (different guys, except for Tony Romo, but still pretty much the same). Anytime you have an old decrepit owner that openly still bangs young girls you deserve to be miserable. I can’t wait for Jerry Jones to pay Jimmy Johnson 40 million dollars to try and save his team. That will be the equivalent of 2 million lap dances out the window.

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Most Beautiful Playboy Playmates Of All Time


Given this is the golden age of “adult entertainment,” it’s impressive that Playboy still has street credit and that being a Playboy Playmate means something in 2015. This list celebrates the greatest Playmates of all time.

How do you pick the best from such an amazing group? It wasn’t easy. The formula was based on beauty and x-factor as well as celebrity status. Celebrity status didn’t always help you, though.

Which gorgeous Playmates didn’t make the list? Hiromi Oshima was one of the few blondes that caught the eye of Hugh Hefner, that’s enough for an honorable mention. How about Robin Givens, remember her? She was Mike Tyson’s sweetheart and then she wasn’t. Kim Kardashian did Playboy after her sex tape, but quite honestly, enough with Kim. She didn’t make the list. It may be cold in Canada, but they do make great looking blondes; Jayde Nicole was a prime example of that! Finally, Jayne Mansfield graced the cover and pages of Playboy in 1963. She was the definition of sexy during her time and was Miss February in 1955. She didn’t make the list, which tells you how competitive this group is.

We have movie stars, models and of course, a link to Charlie Sheen. Are you ready? Here are the 15 hottest Playboy Playmates of all time.

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Shocking Facts About Secret Organizations


There are few things better than a secret society. Part of this is because they are secretive and part is in the process of becoming a member and the people who make up the society. Often religion or politics are at the heart of these organizations, but sometimes it’s unity. In rare cases, revenge…a secret society out for revenge? Yeah, there are few things better. This list looks at ten of the most famous secret societies and what they are really all about.

This group is made of historic societies that have stood the test of time as well as some that served their purpose and then dissolved. A few of these secret societies have made positive contributions while others breed hate. Just missing the list are The Scotch Cattle, a group of Welsh miners that created a secret society in the 1800s with the purpose of improving poor working conditions. They operated by sending warnings; if ignored, they would show up dressed in cow skins and destroy the enemy’s property. They would always leave behind a painted red bull’s head. You always need to leave your mark. This group disbanded after trade unions were formed.

Bizarre, sexual and humorous, you can find whatever you want in secret societies. Here are shocking facts about ten secret societies.

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Reasons The Simpsons Should End Already


In the late eighties few families had personal computers. There was no Internet, no email and no cell phones (rich dick guy holding “the brick” doesn’t count). This was when The Simpsons first entered our living rooms. Since, there have been several acts of war, the Red Sox won a World Series and we have transformed into an age of digital society. Still, The Simpsons continues to put out new episodes. All good things must come to an end; it’s time to end The Simpsons.

The best part about ending the show will of course be how it ends. Maybe Fat Tony is involved and everything “goes black” scenario, or maybe there is finally that nuclear meltdown in Springfield we’ve been waiting for. Maybe the Simpsons go to East St. Louis and get murdered by a gang. See, the possibilities are endlessly fun.

No show has become as integrated in pop culture as The Simpsons. What started off as a few rude Bart Simpson catch phrases transformed into what we measure pop culture against. That’s impressive; however, no one denies the show peaked many years ago and has been on the decline. The good news is that The Simpsons is still regarded as one of the greatest shows of all time. In order to preserve that status they need to end the show now. Here are ten reasons The Simpsons should end.

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Top Sex Tourism Spots In The World


There are plenty of reasons to travel. Maybe you want to see someplace new or different. Maybe you are interested in historic artifacts or places of beauty. Sometimes, you just want to go someplace where you can have sex with a prostitute. Hey, no one’s judging anyone here. Okay, we’re all judging. Anyway, here are the greatest places to travel for sex tourism.

Sex tourism can encompass a lot of things. It could be sex toys, sex shows or flat out prostitution. After all, it is the oldest of all professions. Essentially, those who are looking for sex are flocking to these places to satisfy their needs. The flipside is that sex tourism can come from dark places. Most prostitution is still illegal and run by shady people. Also, sex tourism leads to sexual exploitation of children, child trafficking and even sex slavery. Important to keep this in mind, it’s not exactly a victimless crime.

For countries with multiple cities (see: India) I used the biggest or best known for sex tourists. In other cases, the whole country embraces sex for money (see: Japan). There are third world countries, European powers and of course Tijuana, because Tijuana. Most of these countries internally have come to accept sex tourism, even if condemned on the outside or public sentiment. Regardless, if you are looking to ensure you get laid on your next trip here are your top places to visit for sex tourism.

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I Just Ate Two 99 Cent IKEA Breakfast Specials, Am I Going To Die?…OWR Wednesday Mailbag!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover the Triple Crown, juicing and the IKEA breakfast. Email us at

How does American Pharaoh stack up against past Triple Crown winners?

The problem here of course is there’s too much time between. Sure, we know Secretariat was better, but what about the others. It’s fun to argue, but impossible to know how Ken Griffey Jr. compared to Mickey Mantle and Tom Brady to Joe Namath. Unless of course we’re discussing most dreamy eyes, then it’s Namath by a wink!

My dog (black lab) has been averaging four number twos a day for the past week. In the past he his average is two a day. Does he has extra food stashed somewhere?

Maybe he has a secret cellar that’s just full of bones and at night he leaves the bed to eat bones for three hours straight. How did the bones get there? That’s really the question. Anyway, you should really get your dog a check-up to make sure he’s okay. If he is healthy then good for him (and his bone stash_ and for Christ sake please look away when he’s doing his business – even dogs appreciate a little privacy.

If LeBron beats Golden State is he the greatest of all time?

In short, no, but let me explain where I see James. First, I get it. He has NO ONE to help him. This is as close to 1 vs. 5 as you can get. In comparing to all-time greats I can only measure modern era players. Also, I’m not including Bird and Magic because there’s something too transcendent and was a time of transformation for the league…again very difficult to measure. Essentially we are left with James, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Bryant and Jordan never won a NBA Finals playing 1 vs. 5, both had capable second and third bananas. My take is if Cleveland wins James moves ahead of Bryant, but still trails Jordan. James also gets “greatest Finals performance of all-time”, but not yet greatest player, that’s still Jordan who was 6-0 in the Finals.

I just ate two 99 cent IKEA breakfast specials. Am I going to die?

Probably not (80 percent chance not), but you should definitely plan not be far from a bathroom for the next 48 hours. IKEA food isn’t that bad (note: no research whatsoever backing up this statement) so you should be okay. Just don’t have a double 99 cent breakfast, shop and then follow-up with the Swedish meatball platter for lunch. Two IKEA meals in one day? You. Will. Die.


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