Most Insane Last Meal Requests From Death Row


The last meal for those about to be executed is a custom that started pre-modern Europe. The belief was that if the prisoner is given a final meal, he will be at peace and not come back to haunt as a ghost. This is a list of the strangest last meal requests.

Some of these requests range from pure gluttony to very specific meals and a few are downright chilling. Each state has rules that dictate what can be ordered. For example, some have to order off the prison menu (boo!) while others get to choose from local restaurants. There is typically a capped dollar amount as well. No surprise that comfort foods and sweets are often high on the list of requests.

Personally, I go back and forth on this one. On one hand I could see a nice seven-course meal being nice, but then again why not McDonald’s? I mean, I really like McDonald’s and it’s not like it really matters what I put in my body at that point. Again, I continue to go back and forth on this one.

One particular request just missed the list. In 2012, Gary “The Butcher” Carl Simmons took the gluttony route and ordered the following: Pizza Hut Super Supreme Deep Dish with everything, ten packs of Parmesan cheese, ten packs of ranch dressing, Doritos, nacho cheese, jalapenos, two shakes (strawberry flavored), a couple of Cokes, French fries (McDonald’s of course) and (yes, and) two containers of ice cream (strawberry). He actually ate half of it which means he ate five packs of Parmesan cheese and five packs of ranch dressing. What a way to go…

Here we go, we’ve got the last meal requests of the worst criminals. Makes you think… Yeah, I still can’t decide. Here are your top 20 craziest last meal requests from death row.

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MAILBAG: What’s Worse, Broken Taco or Broken Condom?


The day after filing for bankruptcy 50 Cent was in a strip club making it rain. Shouldn’t his creditors be entitled to all those bills?

I think “50” would have to be responsible for getting back the money, at least I hope so. No worse job than “Bob from Credit Collection X” having to go to The Rear End and request a refund of his customer’s moist singles. Especially if the strippers are still there, strippers in the morning daylight are typically going through withdrawal and are not nearly as hot as you remember.

I just built a manual air conditioner using a bucket, ice and fan. Did I just beat the system?

Is your name MacGyver? I looked these up and I believe some refer to these as redneck air conditioners. They appear to be effective in small spaces, but also look like a lot of work to put together. BTW my definition of “lot of work” is anything that requires cutting PVC pipe or duct tape and this has both. However, if I did build one I would want to dress it up with a sticker or bumper sticker. Thinking Whitesnake sticker (or patch attached with duct tape) is a good a choice here…

ESPN seems to be sacking everyone with experience (i.e. making a lot of money), who’s next?

Apparently Chris Berman is high on the wish list of many. Supposedly he is a real dick. This is not surprising. I am definitely pro-firing Chris Berman, but I might not be the right guy to ask because I haven’t watched him for years. I guess preferring to listen to Jimmy Johnson (who is awful) over Berman tells you how boring his shtick has become.

Will the L.A. Clippers be the first NBA basketball reality show?

With Josh Smith joining the party it should be. So much promise for high comedy and internal strife…so much it could prove too much for Doc Rivers. How long before Smith approaches Rivers and asks “So how long you going to keep playing your son over me?” Let’s hope that’s episode 1, with episode 2 a remake of the DeAndre Jordan story followed by a special third episode where Paul Pierce gets stabbed (again), but this time by an unsuspected teammate (spoiler alert: it’s J.J. Redick).

Is Bill Cosby Going to die soon?

I think the precedent is Joe Paterno who I believe just couldn’t live with what had happened. After the Sandusky cover up came to light he only lasted a few months. Cosby seems to be more relentless and “okay” with his actions up to this point. He’ll probably live to be 120! Just kidding, I give him 3 months.

What’s worse, broken taco shell or broken condom?

Well, a broken condom could mean disease, unwanted pregnancy or even death. Wait, are we talking about a shell that shatters into more than five pieces? That is way worse, broken taco shell by a mile!

For Whom The Blues Toll: The Tomas Doncker Interview


Admittedly rock is my first love, by default that also means I have a strong appreciation for blues music. Without the blues there are no Rolling Stones or Beatles, without blues there would be no Elvis, without Elvis, well, you get the picture…

Tomas Doncker has been labeled as a “prime mover” in New York City’s blues scene in the early eighties. He played with groups such as James Chance & The Contortions, Defunkt, J. Walter Negro & The Loose Jointz and many more. Eventually he went international, touring and recording in Japan, and producing studio and songwriting sessions with Boosty Collins, Yoko Ono, Grammy nominated Reggae vocal group The Itals, and Grammy-winning producer Prince Charles Alexander, to name just a few. Since then, Doncker has continued to work with an A-list of iconic artists including Ivan Neville (on his solo album “Thanks”), Bonnie Raitt, Meshell Ndegeocello, Living Colour lead singer Corey Glover, former P-Funk keyboardist Amp Fiddler, 2013 Grammy award nominee Shamekia Copeland, and Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa.

In 2014 he release Moanin’ at Midnight: The Howlin’ Wolf Project, which received a big response. His latest release, Big Apple Blues (reviewed here) is his latest release. I got a chance to send some questions to this blues legend and what I got back was exactly what I expected and that’s “real” answers on the new album, New York and what it takes to make it in the blues world.

(Examiner) You are an icon in the industry, why did you make this album, why now?
(Tomas Doncker) An ICON? Well,Thank you that’s Very kind… Why now you ask? Why not NOW! Yusef & I had been knocking around the idea of doing a “Modern urban” Blues album for awhile,and with the momentum “Moanin’ at Midnight” (The Howlin’ Wolf Project) had created,we figured the time was right.

Where does your inspiration come from? A lot of your songs are about New York City. After all these years what is it you like best about the city?
I can be inspired by anything and everything! My favorite thing about NYC is the endless Amount of authentic culture all around us. A new “Flavor” is literally a train ride away.

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What Song Was Cuban Listening To? New Mailbag arrives…


Check out the full mailbag at OWR, read an excerpt below:

Could “Mr. T” only happen in the eighties?

He was really big in the eighties wasn’t he and yes, I think the craziness of the eighties was a big part of that. The big difference between then and now is that there was mystery back then. Now “T” would be totally overexposed within 6 months. Still, I think he would have had at least made a mark in reality TV. People still love catch phrases and “Pity the Fool” is one of the all-time greats. Also, I do believe he still holds the world record for most jewelry worn by a guy in a Mohawk!

Mountain Dew vs. Mello Yello?

Mountain Dew, it has more fizz and I can actually find it. BONUS: Cool skateboarding commercials back when Mr. T. ruled the earth…

Is AMC contributing to my insomnia? New Mailbag here!


Check out the full mailbag at OWR, read an excerpt below:

How many hotdogs can you eat? I think I can eat 20; of course I’m really hungry right now.

I have never actually tried to find out, but sometimes over the course of grilling and eating I’ve eaten a large number of dogs. The thing for me is that I will eat them off the grill without a bun. That’s cheating! I think if hungry I could probably do seven dogs with bun. However, I wouldn’t just go “water” for my bun I would use ketchup and lots of it. Once finished I would expect to have so much ketchup on my face I could be mistaken for the Joker. Seriously though, I think anything over ten would be difficult and if you can do that then you should consider adding “eating competition” to your resume.

If a batter gets drilled and then pulls a baseball out of his back pocket and drills the pitcher back what happens?

You mean other than Sportscenter running the clip a thousand times the next day? I’m thinking it has to be equal suspensions, right? How could you fault one more than the other. I would love this only for the bench clearing brawl that would definitely extend to the bullpens. In my book there’s nothing better than watching middle-relievers running from the outfield to tangle with the opposing team. So, I’m saying equal suspensions, plus a couple games for A-Rod, because fuck him (and the Cardinals).

Can I Put Ketchup On My Italian Sausage? Mailbag is back!


Check out the full mailbag at OWR, read an excerpt below:

Who had the best NBA draft, which team did the worst? I’m a New York fan, so please don’t say the Knicks. 

Well, best has to be Minnesota (good job not screwing up the number one pick) and anyone in Philadelphia who likes the idea of “Triple Towers”, because you know, in today’s game that has to work. Most puzzling was Boston, I know Danny Ainge at one point assembled a championship team by trading “assets”, but what he is acquiring look more like lifelong role players versus “chips” to acquire more talent. Worst, yeah it was the Knicks. Two other very interesting subplots are how does Kobe feel about the Lakers not drafting a big man and instead going with a long-term potential Bryant replacement? Please deal Kobe to Cleveland! Also, what is going on with George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins? Was there a secret meeting when Stern left the NBA and everyone agreed the Kings would be the new Clippers? If so, well played NBA execs, well played.

I’m standing in line (to see the Seinfeld set in NYC) and the guy next to me has a “Good Morning Vietnam” ring tone each time he receives an email. Should I be scared?

My guess is this is what happens. In 5 minutes he will begin looking visually anxious and impatient. In 10 minutes he will begin quoting Silence of the Lambs. In 15 minutes expect a political rant. In 20 minutes there is a 50 percent chance he is going to stab someone in line. Yes, be scared.

Someone I’ve known for years just put ketchup on his Italian Sausage, I didn’t say anything, but I should have, right? 

You are no friend if you just stood there and let that happen. You have to at least acknowledge this happened; it shows you cared. I keep my Italian sausage simple and only allow peppers, onions and mustard. Some would cut my hand off for adding mustard. This is why I eat my Italian sausages alone. When I do eat Italian sausage in public I expect people to comment on my atrocity, and that’s just mustard, I’m no monster putting ketchup on my sausage. You should apologize and go forward I suggest your friend eat his sausage in private.

Is Eddie Van Halen The Biggest Dick in Rock and Roll?…OWR Mailbag!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover the NBA Draft, the new Eddie Van Halen interview and the elusive Bloody Mary hole-in-one. Email us at

Is Eddie Van Halen the biggest dick in rock and roll?

I’m assuming this is based on Eddie’s latest Billboard magazine interview. Van Halen is dickish, but he’s also an artist so there is a lot of leeway here. Also, this is nothing new and it’s been a long time since I listened to anything Eddie had to say. Back in 1984 when he parted ways with David Lee Roth, the reason he gave was because Roth wanted to create pop music instead of rock. Well, Eddie’s next two albums were 5150 and OU812, two of the “lightest” albums in the VH catalog. Meanwhile, Roth unleashed Eat’em and Smile, a much heavier collection that still holds up surprisingly well. I think the real question is if no one listens to what you say are you still a dick?

Last week I was chipping golf balls in my back yard and one landed directly in my drink. It was a Bloody Mary. Should I count this as a hole-in-one?

It’s definitely not an official hole-in-one, but is still worthy of a fist pump. I do think this is a sing though, a sign you should be drinking Bloody Mary’s the next time you hit the links.

What’s the craziest suit color suit someone could wear to the NBA draft? Can Jalen Rose and his red suit pinstripe suit ever be beat?

Rose set the bar very high back in 1994, so high that to this day I don’t believe it has been topped. I think if someone came buttoned up in a Cat In The Hat suit, complete with bow tie and top hat that would be pretty kick ass and would put Rose on notice.

Dallas Cowboys…are you buying or selling on these guys?

I sold on the Cowboys years ago and they still have essentially the same team (different guys, except for Tony Romo, but still pretty much the same). Anytime you have an old decrepit owner that openly still bangs young girls you deserve to be miserable. I can’t wait for Jerry Jones to pay Jimmy Johnson 40 million dollars to try and save his team. That will be the equivalent of 2 million lap dances out the window.

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