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Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover the Chicago Cubs, Coach K and taco meat substitutions. Email us

Taco question: Is Turkey meat an acceptable substitute for beef? 

For me personally: Yes and No. I will not order turkey when I go out for tacos. On rare occasions I will have a chicken or pork taco, but for my money I’m going Grade A beef (or B if Taco Bell). My taco meat rankings when eating out are as follows:

  1. Beef
  2. Pork
  3. Chicken
  4. Turkey
  5. Fish (seriously, fuck you California)

However, at home I highly suggest you give chicken’s big slutty sister a try. Ground turkey meat with Ortega seasoning works, especially if you’re like me and like to keep your taco dressing simple (meat, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes). The bonus there is less guilt when you go for taco #12! Hey, don’t judge – why else do you get 12 shells in a standard taco kit?

Once again there is a lot of buzz around the Chicago Cubs, are they for real this year?

Yes, I’ve noticed this (buzz) and there is good reason to be excited if you are a Cubs fan. This team finally has prospects that have made it to show and are pairing them with legit free agents. On paper, yes the Cubs should complete for the Playoffs, but then remember, this is the Cubs. There are 3 certainties in MLB: 1. The Yankees and Dodgers will outspend everyone. 2. The Cardinals will be good regardless of how they look on paper. 3. The Cubs will disappoint regardless of how they look on paper. I fully expect the injury bug to his them hard, because they are the Cubs.

Has Coach K aged in the past 20 years? 

Mike Krzyzewski is 68 years old! No, he doesn’t appear to age. Apparently winning is his secret. The real question I have is what’s going on with Rick Pitino? Is that botox or is he really just that surprised each time a whistle is blown?

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FREE Final Four Picks

owr si tourney final 4

Three number one seeds and Michigan State, and don’t even try to sell me on the underdog role of the Spartans. They fit in nicely with the other big 3, no Cinderella stories this year…just amazing games! Today I’m giving you my picks for Saturday (locking in on the early lines) with more bets (over/under) coming later in the week.

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10 Celebrities That Pooped Their Pants


Everyone poops: poop happens! Sometimes when you least expect it. Even famous people can be in the wrong place at the wrong time when nature calls. This list looks at celebrities caught on stage, in transit and in one case, signing autographs in a smelly situation.

Some of these incidents almost went unnoticed without a word, but were caught on YouTube while others we didn’t know about until the celebrity mentioned the incident. Either way, it’s true that stars are just like us, some of them even poop their pants!

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15 Professions With The Highest Suicide Rate


Jobs suck, but for most of us we must have one to pay the bills. Some jobs are much worse than others and some are so bad you want to kill yourself. Not working late hours and killing your life, but actually committing suicide. These are the jobs with the highest suicide rates.

There are both blue collar and white collar jobs on their list with several areas that factor into the misery some go through in these positions. Where the job is located and overall environment is very important as is stress and number of hours working. Some of these jobs require high skills that require intense concentration while others it’s the boredom that ends up killing you, literally. Other jobs make you question humanity and are plain difficult to deal with. Of course, jobs with access to drugs and medications also have a high suicide rate. There’s a reason the phrase is “out of sight, out of mind.” If you work in the healthcare industry, there is a good chance your profession’s suicide rate is higher than most.

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#8 Don Draper Returns With Drink in Hand…OWR Friday Pop Culture Rankings!


Each week OWR ranks the best of Pop Culture. Have comments nominations or comments? Email the OWR

10. Michael Phelps

Not only is Phelps hawking Coca-Cola, an alleged report from a dominatrix says Phelps asked her to pee on him. Does she mean pour warm Coke on him? Because that’s what warm Coke tastes like.

9. Cinderella is Dead

No long-shots advance to the Sweet Sixteen. To all the degenerate gamblers: back to the roulette tables. (See you there!)

8. Don Draper

The fictional character returns Easter Sunday with the premier of Mad Men, presumably with drink in hand.

7. Jon Hamm

Checks out of rehab for alcohol, presumably with no drink in hand.

6. NFL Veteran Combine

Nothing is sadder than this. Michael Jordan in a Wizards uniform is less sad.

5. Michael Jordan

This week Adidas noted that the reason they didn’t sign Jordan before Nike was because he wasn’t tall enough. This is very bad news for Tom Cruise if he was hoping to ink a deal with Adidas.

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The A.J. Pero Tribute


A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister, Adrenaline Mob) passed away this week. Pero was part of the “hey day” of Twisted Sister. Today, the Rockstar Ramblings pays a brief tribute to Pero in the form of a couple Twisted Sister videos from the classic ‘Stay Hungry’ album.

In 1984 Twisted Sister shocked the heavy metal world, releasing “Stay Hungry,” their contribution to an era that continues to define a decade. The album was big on rebellion and just plain rock and roll. This was also the first cassette tape I ever bought.

“We’re Not Gonna Take It” was the ultimate rebellion song; bonus for Pero’s drums only playing during the chorus near the end.

The video for “The Price” featured Pero having fun with large drumsticks. This was their “ballad” so it wasn’t quite as fun as their other videos or songs. Actually, the best part of this video is Pero.

“I Wanna Rock” is still one of the stronger first song/side two tracks of all time. Like the video for “We’re Not Gonna Take It” the video was high on comedy and rebellious behavior. A boy (around thirteen) is confronted by teacher/parent who doesn’t like Twisted Sister music. Wait long enough and the band will break through a door and scream their lyrics. They were angry and in your face. Pero and Twisted Sister were (and will always will be) rock and roll!

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Wednesday Mailbag!


Welcome to the Wednesday OWR Mailbag! Have a question about betting, sports, pop culture or tacos? This week we cover the four degrees of porn, essential household items, and Chip Kelly’s running backs obsession. Email us at

I was on the bus and am pretty sure a 12 year-old boy was watching porn on his iPhone, this isn’t a good thing, or is it?

Let’s face it, probably a little bit of both, but at least he is 12. I have a toddler that likes to watch videos of “dogs having fun.” In moderation I find nothing wrong with this. Of course you have to watch out for “YouTube Recommends” after the video is over. Next you will have “dogs dressed up” followed by “dogs with style” followed by “doggy style” and then before you know it’s full on bestiality. That is not good. I call it the four degrees to porn.

I live alone, tell me again the benefits?

There are obvious advantages to living with people versus living alone and vice versa. We could talk about cleaning up, space and having someone to talk to as pros or cons, but I’m not going to bore you with the details you probably already know. If you live alone the biggest benefit you have is that each night you can enter your apartment with gun drawn. Why not? You can pretend you are Eddie Murphy busting into his apartment in Beverly Hills Cop. Bonus if you scare the shit out of the dog each night followed by the Murphy laugh.

My toilet just got plugged, is there any household object more essential than a plunger?

Definitely not when you just plugged the toilet! It’s up there as best household products, along with fire extinguisher, microwave for late night burritos and hand gun (if you are single). I’d put plunger third, ahead of fire extinguisher, but after hand gun and microwave for late night burritos.

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