The Sombrero Strangler

I’ve been writing a post on the most terrifying hit men of all time so it’s not that surprising I would dream about this. My vision however, was not a historic one. Instead, my dream had me running from the Sombrero Strangler, a killer that wore a sombrero. The twist was that he would take the hat, put it on his victim’s head and pull it down over their eyes. He would then kill them with an ice pick. I did not get caught (lucky for me my son woke me up). Come to think of it maybe it wasn’t the article I was writing but all the tacos I’ve been eating. Regardless I’m officially pitching this as  dramatic series. Anyone from ABC, CBS or even HBO can contact me with details on The Sombrero Strangler…

Greatest NBA Trades of All Time


NBA teams are always looking to improve, and one of the most immediate ways is via trade. There isn’t always a winner and loser, but most of the time there is. The goal is to not only be on the winning side of the trade, but to impact your future in a positive way.

Smart General Managers know that in the NBA, quantity is not better than quality. Most times the winning team in a trade is due to them receiving one player and not a 3 for 1 deal or draft picks as compensation. The ultimate trade win is one that leads to championships, as most in our list achieved.

Read the full list at

To Beard or Not To Beard

I have recently decided to grow a beard. Often I have “let it go” for a few days, but now it’s official – I shaved my neck. This is a big deal because I’ve never officially grown a beard. Will I get a rash? How do I trim a beard? So much beard anxiety! I’m also concerned I now need to grow an urban garden, wear Spider Man t-shirts and manufacture my own organic micro-brew. Oh shit! I just realized I already own a Spider Man tee. If you’ll excuse me, I need to come up with a name for my beer…

Super Bowl 2015 Winning Picks!


I had a good year picking football games and expect this to continue with my Super Bowl pick. Check out my “lock pick” and more at Online Wager Review.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Conundrum

Today was  sort of snow day in New York City. Around noon time I found myself making a classic American dish, the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. I realize there are two ways to apply the PB&J. The first way is to use a knife for the peanut butter and then use another knife for the jelly. The other way would be to use the same knife or “wipe off” the peanut butter on the bread before dipping it in the jelly. I’ve decided that anyone who doesn’t use two knives is a savage…

Toe Jam

Is there anything that level sets as humans more than “stubbing a toe?” I smashed my pinky toe today, screamed bloody fucking murder and then felt like a dumbass. Does this happen to everyone? John Stamos? President Obama? I would feel worse if this happened as I was walking out of the Oval Office…

Ponytail Guy

Today on the 4 train a man with long hair stood up (while train moving) to stand in front of the door. He stood there to view his reflection as he put his hair into a ponytail. It took a while before he was happy with it. He then sat down and opened a bag full of pills and syringes, took out a bottle and drank from it. This turn of events confirmed what I have always suspected: Ponytails are a lot of work….


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