The 20 Biggest Wastes of NBA Talent


No one wants to leave talent on the table, but it happens. Sometimes it’s motivation, sometimes it’s the situation you find yourself in and other times it’s purely bad luck (injuries). Basketball is a sport that doesn’t allow much to be covered up, your game is always on display and weaknesses are difficult to hide. This list looks at some of the biggest wastes of talent and why they were unable to fulfill their potential.

Championships shouldn’t matter and won’t matter for this list. Charles Barkley and Karl Malone may have never won a championship, but it wasn’t due to lack of effort or talent. Same goes for Allen Iverson who only once made it to the finals and was surrounded by inferior talent for most of his career.  Bill Walton was plagued with injuries, but still led the Blazers to a title and then took on a leadership role with the Boston Celtics. Some will argue Antoine Walker and Tracy McGrady should be included, but I believe both got the most out of their talents and that maybe their ceilings were overrated from the start.

A couple dishonorable mentions go to Marvin Williams; more was expected from the second player picked in a draft. Shawn Kemp could have dominated for more years had he managed his body better and Len Bias, well, Bias never really even gave himself a chance to show us his talent, overdosing before he got a chance to showcase his moves.

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Shock Rock


This week a video searching for a classic ride, smoke machine and of course, strippers; also, will the trend of lead singers wearing the “pilot” cap ever stop?

Crazy Lixx have released their second video from their latest self-titled album. The video is for the song “Call To Action.” This video is a pretty straight forward performance shoot. Part is on a stage and part is in what looks like a junkyard. I always like to search for old, abandoned VW Micro buses. A lot of these VW rides have these huge tables that are perfect for playing cards, especially poker. I really need to gamble more…

The Suicide Bombers have launched the first video from their upcoming mini-album, ‘The Sex Tapes.’ The video is a cover of the Backstreet Girls’ “Devolicious Boys”, a song which will also be featured on the brand new Backstreet Girls tribute album, to be released later this year. I really enjoyed Suicide Bombers last album and fully expected two things in this video, first Jack Daniels and second, strippers. Both were delivered in under a minute. Well done…

Salems Lott is from Hollywood and they represent the shock rock genre (Note: I believe this title was given by the band itself). This video is for their first single for an EP expected in early 2015. The single is “No Choice To Love.” The video starts with a smoke machine and I suspect there is a rule that this band will always start videos with a smoke machine. Look at that hair! The voice sounds familiar, but it’s not until the slow down at 3:14 when it hits me – it’s David Coverdale’s voice. I’m not sure who this band cites as influences, but Whitesnake and Flock of Seagulls should both be high on the list…

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Biggest Bank Robbers of All Time


Is it strange that every time I walk into a bank I lightly case the joint? I look for video cameras, security guard positioning and speculate where the vault is. To me, it’s just natural, given that a bank has a vault full of cash and money makes the world go around. Who wouldn’t be curious?

So many classic movies have been made with the premise of a bank robbery, many based on the jobs pulled from people on this list. Modern day pop culture has kept the tradition alive with movies such as Point Break, HEAT and Reservoir Dogs. Robbing a bank is the ultimate risk and reward, full of thrills, hard cash and consequences if caught. Today it’s very hard to pull off a bank job, yet each day approximately 20 banks are robbed in the U.S. alone!

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15 American Cities Where You Can Disappear


Sick of your life or you just want to disappear? You can run off to the country or some far away land, or there are plenty of cities in the U.S. where you can hide. If you are looking to start over, but don’t want to be a hermit, you are in luck, there are plenty of places for that as well.

There are a lot of lifestyle items to consider so you will want to make the right choice. You need to prioritize what is most important to you. Do you value culture, nightlife or attractions? These answers should factor into your decision. How “deep” do you need to go into hiding, also very important; don’t hang out on the East coast if concealing your identity is top priority.

The cities on this list are places where you can just be, just fit in or hide depending on your need. Some offer party atmospheres while others are more chill, fit for a runaway looking to escape as well as be surrounded by others who are also running away.

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Inspired Writing: New York City

New York City is filled with a million stories, actually tens of millions of stories and they are all waiting to be told. For writers, there’s a certain romance to having writer’s block and the struggle of putting pen to the paper (or fingers to the keyboard), but if you live in this city, you have no excuse. Manhattan is full of places, experiences, and people for you to meet, watch and most importantly–wonder what if? Here are ten places in the city to kick start your ideas and get you writing.

 10. The Subway


The trains are full of derelicts, entertainers and straight up weirdoes. If you’ve never eavesdropped on a conversation during your ride you are missing out. Shady business deals, sexual escapades and lots of anger fill the subway everyday. The MTA has created a perfect backdrop for a slasher story or setting for a man contemplating his lost love. (Author Note: The 4am Subway Slasher is my story – get your own ideas!)

 9. Times Square


There are lots of lights, also lots of Irish pubs surrounding the lights. Go into one or several and meet the tourists. Everyone likes to talk when they are on vacation and drinking. Who knows, maybe you’ll hook up with someone and have a New York adventure to write about. It happens every night.

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15 NBA Coaches Already On The Hot Seat


It doesn’t take long before talk of the hot seat and NBA coaches starts. Part of this is the normal coaching carousel in professional sports and part of this is the urgency placed on success, or at least improvement, from the start of season.

This off-season shifted two of the best players (LeBron James and Kevin Love) to the Cleveland Cavaliers while the Los Angeles Lakers lost big time in free agency, ending up with an overpriced Kobe Bryant and spare parts. Still, a lot remained the same. Dallas Mavericks retooled, the Los Angeles Clippers added supporting role players and the San Antonio Spurs kept their dynasty intact.

There are two ways a coach makes the “hot seat” list. First is by his team underperforming. If you have a team of veterans and are expected to compete, you must do so or the loyal fans will be calling for your head in no time. The second way is if the coach is just not a good fit for a team. Sometimes a coach can’t get his team to play hard, or buy into their system. Either way, you are losing a season.

Who doesn’t make the list? Stan Van Gundy (Detroit Pistons), Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics) and Jason Kidd (Milwaukee Bucks) have each inherited young squads that will need time. Both coaches are proven and despite expected struggles, have both shown leadership qualities for their rebuild projects.

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Rated X


This week The Rockstar Ramblings return with new videos from Rated X, Nasty Habit, Spiders & Snakes, and Pink Velvet Krush. Not a bad band name in the bunch!

First up is Rated X whom recently released “This Is Who I Am”, the single and video from their self titled debut. Things to admire: fingerless gloves, a handle bar mustache and what is the color of the drummer’s hair? Is that potpourri? Pretty sure it’s potpourri…

Next up, New York’s Nasty Habit debut their video for “Don’t Bring Me Down” from their EP titled ‘Desperate Times.’ This one is all about head banging and smashing stuff. It’s starts with a vase and then the band just walks around smashing car windows with baseball bats. One of the hooligans even has a hatchet – what is he going to do with that? Nasty Habit keeps it simple – smashing and head banging. It gets weird when they smash a bottle of Jack Daniels – NOOOOO! Unless this song is about hating liquor and car windows that was really uncalled for. You can tell this band likes to have fun by how much they stick their tongues out for the camera. Not a shy one in the group. You should never be too old for this…

The band Spiders & Snakes video “Kawasaki City” was shot in the Japanese city by the same name as well as stage shots from Sunset Strip’s Whiskey A Go Go. The band will be performing at the Whisky A Go Go again on December 18th to celebrate their 25th anniversary and official record release party for ‘Year of the Snake.’ The video intro is all smoke machines and classic TV while the band is recorded just hanging around the streets of Kawasaki City looking like bad asses. Apparently there are a lot of hipster Japanese girls in this city and an abundance of neon lights in the shape of guitars. These are definitely my new stereotypes related to Japanese cities – all hipster girls and guitar neons (along with ninjas of course)

Finally, another New York band, Pink Velvet Krush, have released a video for the song “One Shot” from their EP titled ‘F.S.O.A.’ which stands for Fifty Shades of Anything. Always like a countdown followed by some good ole dirty rock and roll. This video is missing something. Yeah, it’s missing a couple strippers. Definitely should have splurged on a couple of strippers…

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