10 Reasons We Need Axl Rose Now More than Ever

Axl Rose has never really left, but his presence has diminished since the nineties. Even during the build up of 40 years (it felt like that long) for ‘Chinese Democracy’ Rose kept himself in the news by firing ex-members, getting into fights (mostly legal) and of course, pushing out release dates. Recently though he has fallen further into the shadows. However now his new version of Guns N’ Roses has a 3D movie out titled ‘Appetite For Democracy.’ Check it out and remember the reasons we liked having Axl Rose in our lives. Here are ten other reasons we need Axl Rose.

The above is an incredible video of a slightly crazed Nicholas Cage–ok, totally crazed–presenting the Golden God Lifetime Achievement award. Cage call Axl a true hero, an inspirational force. This is some good entertainment. I mean the dude could sing and created some legendary music — but a true hero? Ok, yes, he’s a true hero.

10. We Adore Train Wrecks

At the Guns N’ Roses height of fame (mid nineties) Axl was to say the least, unstable. Mental instability included rumors of a traveling psychiatrist that had to coax Rose onto the stage each night. Another fun (maybe not fun) fact is that Rose had alleged panic attacks while writing the lyrics to “Coma.”

9. Riots

How many people go to a One Republic concert asking the question “Do you think there will be a riot tonight?”

8. More Rock Music Please

When Guns N’ Roses ruled the world their music was equal to a shot heroin to the groin (in a good way). Now, there’s Nickelback, making you want to punch yourself in the groin (not good).

7. Chinese Democracy Sequel

As long as Rose is alive rumors of more music will swirl.


Axl pulled some serious models, like Stephanie Seymour, back in the day. I’m sure he still does.

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10 Potential Problems for Motley Crue on their Final Tour

That’s right, Motley Crue (Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars) are embarking on their final tour and if you are familiar with this band then you know a reunion is not likely. Between the fighting, the contract status (Vince Neil is basically an employee of Motley Crue) and founder Nikki Sixx’s wish to go out on top, this may very well be the end. So, after all the overdoses, threesomes and fighting what could possibly derail the final tour? Here are ten possibilities.


10. Tommy Lee’s Falls Out of Revolving Drum Set

Tommy Lee has been known to play on a drum set that revolves 360% and sometimes travels over the audience. It’s a heck of a scene and truly Tommy Lee is not known for understatement.  Tommy Lee could easily fall out of this drum set and injure himself, taking several members of the audience with him.  In addition to the potential lawsuits, Crue would be without a drummer.

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2014 NFL Futures Receiving: Odds and Free Picks


Receiving yards as a futures bet is difficult because of many variables such as the team, quarterback and drug suspensions. Last year is a good start, but you also need to find value. In my opinion there is rarely one “favorite” to win so picking a receiver with 5-1 or less odds isn’t getting the value you deserve for your pick. Let’s take a look at this year’s odds for receiving yards and bet $100 across a few “value” bets to maximize winnings and most importantly, fun.



Just kidding, right now Gordon is off the board due to a pending drug suspension. He was last year’s leader so I’m sure someone will try to place a bet on him. This is the same person that will select Bret Favre in their fantasy draft just in case he decides to play again.

BET $0


Who doesn’t love Megatron? Last year he finished second and is the current favorite. All it takes is a couple missed games and this “safe” pick becomes silly. No value.

BET $0


If you are a Peyton Manning believer I don’t blame you for putting down a few bucks on Thomas. Personally, I don’t think he’s got another MVP season and that’s what Thomas would need in order to get first place receiving yardage.

BET $0


Do you root for The Joker when you watch Batman? Despite the “favorite” odds this is your guy.

BET $0

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2014 NFL Futures Division Winners: Odds and Free Picks


There is a lot of fun to be had and money to be made when talking NFL futures. Keep a clear head and don’t be swayed by popular opinion – go with your gut and let the facts work in your favor. Also, look for value; it rarely pays to pick the favorite unless you are almost positive it is going to pay out. Here’s a look at the Division futures for the 2014 NFL season.


Favorite: New England Patriots (5-13)

Each year the Patriots get a little worse and this could be the year they fall from grace. Also, if Tom Brady goes down for a handful of games their season is over.

Pick: Miami Dolphins (6-1)

For value Miami is probably the best pick here unless you think the New York Jets or Buffalo Bills have successfully reloaded. Just kidding, please don’t bet on the Bills.


Favorite: Denver Broncos (1-3)

Last year’s darlings are the favorites again, but did you know there is a popular prop bet in Vegas related to whether or not Peyton Manning plays this year? Also, 1-3 isn’t good value, not with a couple of solid teams looking to turn the corner.

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs (13-2)

You can also take San Diego Chargers (also at 13-2), both are solid defensive teams that showed promise in 2013 and offer good value at 13-2 odds.

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Home Sweet Home


New videos from Tigertailz, Accept and country artist Justin Moore (featuring Motley Crue); welcome to the country ramblings.

Tigertailz have released a video for their new single, “Punched In The Gutz.” I like the animated boxing, but would have preferred some Mike Tyson Punch-out footage. BTW where is Glass Joe these days? Anyway we know when the video REALLY starts because the word LIAR! is forced upon us. Throughout the video more words and phrases appear. The video is very high on cheese factor and really just-good-and-not-so-clean fun for the whole family…

The new video by Accept is for “Stampede” and it takes place on top of a mountain, signifying OUR SOUND IS SO BIG! I love the “mountain” video set; it’s second only to the “inside a prison” video set because IT’S SO DANGEROUS! Regardless of whether you prefer mountains, beach or a stage you have to admire a band that still supports wearing old school wristbands…

Finally, country music star, Justin Moore has covered Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” and made a video for it, complete with cameos from the band and snippets from original MTV videos. There are no big surprises here. Lots of Vince Neil singing backup and then joining Moore on stage; you can see Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee in the back of the club looking at each other and nodding. If you look closely you will understand this was the definitive time they decided they have to disband Motley Crue…

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Milwaukee Brewer Starting Rotation Showdown: 1982 vs. 2014


The 2014 season has been a nice surprise all around. The lineup was expected to hit for power, but the pitching has been key. So far the starters have been outstanding, one of the best rotations for Milwaukee in a long time. How good is this rotation? A fun comparison is to take the Brewers benchmark (1982) and see how they compare.

Like this season, in 1982 the Brewers went into the season as a known commodity at the plate. They weren’t given the nickname “Harvey’s Wallbangers” due to one-run games. If possible for a World Series pitching rotation to be underrated, the 192 staff may qualify. In 1982 the most used group was Pete Vuckovich, Mike Caldwell, Moose Haas, Bob McClure and Randy Lerch. Let’s compare to the 2014 rotation of Yovani Gallardo, Kyle Lohse, Matt Garza, Wily Peralta and Marco Estrada.


In 1982 there was no doubt who was getting the ball and that was Pete Vuckovich. The handle-barred Cy Young Award winner would win 75 percent of his starts, best in the major leagues. This year, Yovani Gallardo was sent out opening day and despite many great outings and an overall successful first half, he has shown inconsistency. At this point there is enough doubt to wonder whether Gallardo, Kyle Lohse or an improving Matt Garza is really the top pitcher needed for a win-or-go-home game.

Advantage: 1982 Brewers


In 1982, the rotation started most games with Jim Slaton, Jerry Augustine, Doc Medich and Don Sutton as fill-in starters (combined only started 26 games) and this season the Brewers five-man rotation have also taken the bulk of the starts. Having Jim Slaton and Don Sutton available is nice when making a run; however, the current trio of Jimmy Nelson, Will Smith and Tyler Thornburg have proved they are capable and ready should the need arise. It has been a long time (ever!?!) since the Brewers have had this many starting pitching options.

Advantage: 2014 Brewers

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Sunday Old School: KISS


This week is a special week for Sunday Old School because it’s the 250th column. One of the genres covered has been the glam and hair bands of the eighties. No band provided more of an influence in this area then KISS. Known for over-the-top antics, make-up, merchandising and farewell tours the boys from KISS have ruled since the seventies. Still, there is the question: Which came first, the music or the makeup? Spoiler Alert: We can’t prove either only that success followed. So without further ado, your 250th Sunday Old School post from the biggest band of all time: KISS. (Note: If you don’t believe this is the biggest band of all time just ask Gene Simmons.)

After starting as the New York City band Wicked Lester, Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley abandoned the name and teamed up with Peter Criss and Ace Frehley to form KISS in 1973. The name was a spin on Criss’ band Lips and not an acronym for “Kids In Satan’s Service”, a bummer for sure. In 1973 the band decided to dress up and wear make-up, becoming comic book characters on stage. They also recorded a five-song demo and recorded their self-titled debut in 1974. In addition to touring the band performed on ABC’s Dick Clark’s in Concert. Album sales were slow so the band got to work on their second album, ‘Hotter Than Hell’, another album that failed to chart. Next up, the band recorded and released ‘Dressed to Kill’ which did a little better in sales and contained the song “Rock and Roll All Nite.” It was 1975 and although the band was not commercially big in album sales they were beginning to gain a “have to see this band live” reputation. Fun Fact: The blood Gene Simmons spit out was often made up of raw eggs and food coloring. In 1975 their label (Casablanca) and band were nearly broke. A desperate move was made – KISS released a double live album.

In 1975 KISS released ‘Alive’ and achieved gold status as well as their first top 40 single, a live version of “Rock and Roll All Nite.” The live album kept KISS and their label alive (pun intended) so they went to work on their next album, ‘Destroyer.’ Released in 1976, the album sold better than previous albums, going gold and then continuing strong once the ballad “Beth” was released, eventually pushing sales to platinum. The success continued with ‘Rock and Roll Over’ in 1976 and ‘Love Gun’ in 1977, a year in which the band also released ‘Alive II.’ In 1977 a Gallup poll named KISS the most popular band in America. In 1978 the band released a greatest hits double album titled ‘Double Platinum.’ Had there been a Gallop poll in 1978 related to which band had put out the most material KISS would have won that too!

This was also the period when KISS merchandising started to become a major thing. Products included comic books, makeup kits, masks, board games, trading cards and membership in the KISS Army. If the egos weren’t big enough already, what happened in 1978 would solidify KISS as (at least in their minds) the biggest band in the world. In 1978 each member simultaneously released a solo album. Four solo records, same day – all reached platinum status. Then they appeared in the NBC movie made for TV Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park. Apparently at the time this was a good idea. Apparently the band was surprised they were made out to be more clowns than superheroes.

In 1979 KISS released ‘Dynasty’, another platinum album with the disco influenced “I Was Made for Lovin’ You.” Despite another platinum album, concert attendance started to decrease and something called KISS WORLD – an amusement park idea was eventually scrapped. After the tour the band started to fight and Criss left KISS. In 1980 the band released ‘Unmasked’, again seeing declining sales as their audience grew older. Eric Carr joined soon after and played drums on the 1981 concept album ‘Music from “The Elder.”’ In 1982 Frehley departed the band. Fun Fact: Per Gene Simmons, Eddie Van Halen wanted to take Ace Frehley’s spot.

In 1982 KISS released ‘Killers’ and ‘Creatures of the Night.’ In Frehley’s absence a lot of guitar players were used including Bruce Kulick and Vinnie Vincent. Vincent would eventually be the full time guitarist and then later replaced by Mark St. John although Vincent would make appearances and participate in a lot of the future KISS material. In case you were wondering, 1983 was the year KISS took off their make-up.

In an MTV appearance the band appeared without their makeup, promoting their new album ‘Lick It Up.’ KISS followed up this album with ‘Animalize’ in 1984 as well as a video for “Heaven’s on Fire” which received heavy airplay on MTV. The video was very KISS (see: Gene Simmons tongue scenes), very eighties (see: Paul Stanley’s white gloves) and again very KISS (see: at least three “orgy” type situations).
St. John was replaced again by Kulick (due to health issues) as the band toured to support ‘Animalize’ and it’s major success, their biggest in the eighties. The band didn’t slow down, releasing ‘Asylum’ in 1985, ‘Crazy Nights’ in 1987 and ‘Smashes, Thrashes & Hits’ in 1988. The latter containing the very entertaining “Let’s Put the X in Sex” single. The decade ended with the release of ‘Hot in the Shade’ in 1989. Two years later tragedy struck. In 1991 Eric Carr had tumors removed from his heart, but more tumors were later discovered. Despite treatment, Carr passed away in November of 1991 at the age of 41.

Eric Singer would go on to replace Carr on drums. In 1992 the band released ‘Revenge’ a heavier sounding album with Vinnie Vincent once again helping with songwriting. If you love Gene’s dry sense of humor you really need to watch the video for “Domino”, also the lyrics “it’s a sticky situation…she ain’t old enough to vote”…oh, Gene you are too much! The album went gold, leading to a tour and release of ‘Alive III’ in 1993. In 1995 KISS performed on MTV Unplugged, both Criss and Frehley joined the band on stage for several songs at the end of the set. Rumors swirled around a possible reunion.

In 1996 Tupac Shakur introduced the original KISS lineup at the Grammy Awards. A tour followed, lasting 192 shows, earning over 43 million dollars, making KISS the top-drawing concert act of 1996. ‘Psycho Circus’ was released in 1998 and in 2000 announced a U.S. Farewell Tour. They also released a video game titled Kiss: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child. In 2001 a lot happened, Criss left the band, a box set was released and most shockingly, KISS merchandising reached a new high (or low) when the Kiss Kasket was introduced.

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