Album Review: The Como Brothers Create a Spark with Imagination


The Como Brothers Band are a singer/songwriter duo with a new EP titled Imagination. Produced by Graham Marsh (Bruno Mars, CeeLo Green) the album mixes blues and rock with a steady pop sound.


The album starts with “Good Enough For Me”, a crisp pop song that fits in with today’s heavy Ed Sheeran vibe that plays well on the radio. Personally, I enjoy the lyrics “Taking in the sunset before it crashes to the ground”, obviously I can appreciate beauty mixed with destruction. “Tell You I’m Fine” is poetic, makes me feel like someone is walking next to me telling me a story they are really excited to share. “Chemicals” is more of the same pop that The Como Brothers Band do so very well, just slower and stripped down.

The Como Brothers keep it simple, which can be challenging. The good news is they clearly succeed in delivering good rock mixed with pop and blues on Imagination.

“Make My Heart Move” is their love song (I think) that’s a mellow Tom Petty type diddy. You know, when Petty is three joints in…that mellow. The EP closes with a special bonus treat, “Bold As Love”, a really bluesy number that was so catchy I immediately had to give it another listen.


The Como Brothers Band

Imagination, August 2015


  1. Good Enough For Me
  2. Tell You I’m Fine
  3. Chemicals
  4. Make My Heart Move
  5. Imagination
  6. Bold As Love


The Como Brothers Band

2015 Top Fantasy Football Running Backs


Running Back is often the top scoring option in fantasy football, leading to many taken in the first round. Here are five to consider and two you should not consider.

  1. Marshawn Lynch: I know, there are stability issues, but I have much more confidence in the running game of Lynch than the passing game of Russell Wilson. Worthy of a number one pick!
  2. Eddie Lacy: The Packers will score points with zero running backs, but if they expect to go deep into the playoffs they know they will need an established running back. Lucky for them they have a work horse who is really entering his prime this season. Worthy of top 5 pick!
  3. LeSean McCoy: Rex Ryan didn’t overspend to not overuse McCoy. If he can stay healthy, he will have plenty of carries and opportunities.
  4. Le’Veon Bell: Seems to be everyone’s favorite pick this year, sure, why not…
  5. DeMarco Murray: I would spend a top 10 pick, but not top 3. Too many question marks with Philadelphia to really know how he will be used, plus durability concerns.

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Stay away from…

Adrien Peterson: Peterson now comes with baggage and a lot of time off. I’m baffled as to how many people believe he is going to return to pre-suspension form. I would select him in the 3rd round, maybe the 2nd round tops.

Matt Forte: He’s still playing with the Bears, right?

2015 Top Fantasy Football Quarterbacks


The Quarterback typically brings your fantasy team the most points and depending on the league may be the most important position. Here are 5 quarterbacks to consider and two to pass on in 2015.

  1. Aaron Rodgers: Even without Jordy Nelson is going to put the ball in the air and connect. The sleeper isn’t Rodgers (duh!) it’s wide receiver Davante Adams who should see a lot of action.
  2. Andrew Luck: I am so high on Luck I’m tempted to put him at number 1. He is more durable and more consistent. Very good pick in the second spot.
  3. Matthew Stafford: A wildcard yes, but I think it’s Stafford’s year. Just have that feeling.
  4. Eli Manning: Isn’t there something about every 4 years with Manning and the Giants?
  5. Ben Roethlisberger: Lots of weapons, only question is health. If he can stay standing should put a lot of points on the board.

Stay away from:

Tom Brady: Four games is too long to wait. Don’t be the guy who thinks he can “make up” games with a rusty Brady.

Peyton Manning: Call it a hunch, he should have retired after last season…

Betting 101: Football Teaser Bets


Most betters are familiar with parlays, but are somewhat unsure about teaser bets – it’s a lot of numbers! Essentially, a teaser is a parlay (all teams have to win), but you get to control the point spread. You don’t say? Tell me more…

The plus, or “tease” is that the bettor is allowed to move the point spread either direction for a game. Say what? That’s right, you can adjust the line, of course the value decreases with each point adjusted. Yes, there’s always a catch. Oh, and it’s important to note again that all of your teams have to cover your adjusted points.

Here’s an example of how this works. If the Packers are favored by 7 points over the Bears, teaser bettors have the option of moving the line 6, 6.5, 7 or sometimes 10 points. So you could make the Packers a 1 point or 13 point favorite using a 6-point teaser. Of course giving or taking additional points decreases your odds and the number of points used will continue to decrease your odds and payout. For example, if a 3 team parlay bet pays 6-1 (typical), a 3 team, 6-point teaser bet will only pay 9-5.

6-point Teasers:
Two teams = 10/11
Three teams = 9/5
Four teams = 3/1
Five teams = 9/2
Six teams = 6/1

6.5-point Teasers:
Two teams = 10/12
Three teams = 8/5
Four teams = 5/2
Five teams = 4/1
Six teams = 11/2

7-point Teasers:
Two teams = 10/13
Three teams = 7/5
Four teams = 2/1
Five teams = 7/2
Six teams = 5/1

For 10-point teasers check your sportsbook. Some will offer 3 team teasers with 10/13 odds (pay $13 to win $10).

Is it a good bet? Really comes down to your research and if you believe those extra points of insurance are worth the decreased value of the bet. Regardless of the outcome, teasing multiple teams is fun and can be a rush, so at least there’s that.

The Greatest Penthouse Letter Subjects of All-Time


“I never thought this would happen to me…”, a line that is now classic thanks to Penthouse Letters, a section reserved in the popular adult magazine for stories. For many years these stories have been a staple of Penthouse, this is a list of the most popular scenarios readers have enjoyed.

Growing up in the eighties there were three magazines teenage boys wanted: Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler. Despite the name, Penthouse was always more Hustler versus Playboy. One area it differentiated from the others was through running section known as Penthouse forum where they printed sexy letters sent in by readers. These stories are and have always been accompanied with colorful photos of hardcore adult situations. The stories are supposedly real, but definitely embellished and in many cases, probably flat-out fiction. Regardless of true or false, these stories are fantasies for the reader.

Read the full list at

2015 NFL Preseason Free Pick – Seattle Seahawks at Kansas City Chiefs (Friday, Aug 21, 2015)


Seattle at Kansas City (-2)

The line opened with Seattle as a 1 point favorite, which was ridiculous. I’m locking in at -2, but some sites have already pushed to -3. Either way I still like Kansas City. Seattle isn’t risking injury with their key players so even the Chiefs can score. Andy Reid will be experimenting with his offense and will probably give Alex Smith a fair amount of downs. Also, the fans in KC actually think this game matters.

PICK: Kansas City -2

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NFL Betting: How To Read The Lines


Tips, explanation and where to look for the advantage….


So this is where you will find the date and time of the game.

Rotation #

In addition to the team descriptions a short-hand number is assigned to each team. The first number is always for the visiting team followed by a sequential number for the home team. If there are two games, Chicago at Green Bay and Minnesota at Detroit a betting slip will have 101 Chicago 102 Green Bay 103 Minnesota 104 Detroit. The number is used to place bets, calculate algorithms and keep each team unique.

Team Description

Typically located right after the rotation #

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Open Point Spread

This is the bookmaker’s initial line. Remember that a book or casino wants to have even bets on both sides, so they will move the line. It’s good to always compare the current line to the open line to see what has happened since first released.

Current Point Spread

The current point spread line and what you will place your bet against.

Halftime Point Spread

Some books offer a half-time point spread. This particular line offers real value for those that do their work up front and figure out which team scores more early versus defenses that need time to adjust.

Money Line (Open and Current)

You can also bet the money line which is related to the line, but not doesn’t always relate. One team will be the favorite and have for example +350. This means you need to wager $350 to win $100. For the underdog you will see something like -250 which means if you wager $100 and win, you win $250. There are usually open and current money lines to see how the money has shifted and analyze why that may have happened.

Total Points (Open and Current)

This is the total points to be scored in the game and used for betting the over/under. Again you will see both the opening and current to see how the numbers have shifted.

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